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Darkness Episode 3 Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game Darkness Episode 3.  You need to escape from the train and this guide will help you to succeed if you are stuck.  You can play Darkness Episode 3 here.

You begin your escape in the compartment of the moving train.

Move around a bit (look up and down) and pass some time until the train enters the tunnel.  Now you can move left.
Go left.

Take the round metal thing at the base of the pole in the center.
Look at the red paper bag on the seat.  Take the candle inside.

Go back to your compartment.
Get a box of matched under the seats.

Look up.
Take the rectangular mirror that was hidden behind he train map.
Open the vent.
Zoom into the vent.
Put the mirror in the vent:

Click the vent to get another piece of metal.

Go to the back and open the note on the left seat.
Light the candle using the matches.
Use the candle on the lemon and now you can read the code:

Square, Triangle, Square, X.  --> Note that your code might be different.

Go to the red paper bag.
Zoom in on the bag.
Nou you will see a brown box missing 2 combination rings.
Insert the 2 metal objects.
Adjust the combination to match the lemon clue: (your code might differ)

Open the box.

Close the box.
Look at the seat with the note.
Take the chewing gum from under the seat.
Stuck the shewing gum on the mirror.
Go open the box then attach the mirror!

Now you will get a Panic Attach!  Press space-bar multiple times.
If you were too slow, go back to the box and try again.
If successful, you will run to the next carriage.

You need to walk around a look.. until it gets darker... Now you must hurry!

Take the tied up plastic bag (on the seat), bottle of cola (on the seat), and bend comb (on the floor).
Use the comb to open the bag.
You will get mentos.  Use them  in the cola.
Now spray the reaction all round to keep the ghost away.
You will get another panic attac... press space bar repetitively.

If you survived...

Go all the way right and pick up the familiar looking engraving on the last seat.  As you pick it up, immediately start running left.  Do not put the key back in the inventory...
Go left all the way.  And watch out for panic attacs!
Go to the box and insert the piece that you pocket up.   Turn the key!  Repeat tunrning the key...

Go right... you will not make the door... keep going and when it says you are tired... sit down.

Well done on a great escape!


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