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Lion King Escape Walkthrough

Here is the Walkthrough Solution for the point-and-click room-escape game Lion King Escape.  In this escape game you need to free the lion that is trapped in the forrest.  This is a step-by-step guide that will help you out where you are stuck!  If you need more help or more detailed explanations, please use the comment section below.  This logic escape game is rated medium-easy and should take you around 30minutes to solve yourself.   You can play Lion King Escape here.

You start at the water well.

Pick up 2 yellow birds and 1 blue bird.

Zoom in on the center of the well.
Tap the 3 black bars so that they turn white.

Take the ladybird.

Zoom in on the top left tree.  Notice the pattern for orange:  01110  (0 - light, 1 = dark)

Zoom in on the back wall with the white line.  Notice the pattern for white 00100.

Zoom in on the well on the pink line.  Notice the pattern for pink 11001

Go right.

Take 1 yellow and 5 blue birds.
Take 3 leaves from the river.

Zoom into the tree in the very center.  Notice the pattern for green 01001

Zoom in on the tree in the right with the blue line.  Notice the pattern for blue:  10011

Zoom in on the pole with the pink flag and 5 red circles.
Change the colors to match the pattern for pink:  11001 (1 = red, 0 = green).
If you did it correct you can zoom out and the greens will stick.   If you did it wrong, they will all default to red.

Zoom in on the pole with the white flag and set.  00100  (1 = red, 0 = green).

Zoom in on the plant in the bottom right.  Notice the colors:  blue, orange, pink

Go right.

Take 4 yellow birds and 2 blue birds.
Take the leaf from the pathway.

Notice the pattern for red:  01000.

Notice the pattern for yellow: 01011

Zoom in on the pole with the orange flag.   Set to 01110.

Zoom in on the pole witht the blue flag.  Set to 10011.

Zoom in on the mask in the center.
Complete the mask by dragging the items from around it to the correct position. The system will auto rotate the pieces as needed.   If you do it correct, the piece will stick, otherwise it will move back to the side.
When you are done, take the leaf.

Zoom in on the ladybug and notice the colors:

pink, yellow, green, dark blue, cyan, red.

Zoom in on the mushrooms on the ground.
Adjust the colors to match the ladybird:

Take the leaf.

Go right to where you have started.

Adjust the colors of the yellow flag pole.  01011

Adjust the colors of the green flag pole.  01001

Zoom in on the flower patch and adjust the colors of the top 3 flowers to match the flowers you saw earlier:  blue, orange, pink.

Take the leaf.

Zoom in on the rock with the etching of 3 leaves.
Insert the 3 leaves.

Take the leaf from the compartment that opened.

Look at this pattern on the wall at the back:

Go right and zoom in on the circle in the river.

Make the same pattern as what you saw above.
Start bottom left and draw to the top.
Draw top to bottom right.
Draw top left to bottom, then to top right.

Take the leaf.

Adjust the colors of the red flag pole.  01000

Go left to the start screen.

Zoom in on the back wall.  You can now take the 2 leaves.  -- They became unlocked by setting all the flag poles correctly.

Zoom in on the pictures of the birds just to the left of where you took the leaves.

Blue, yellow, yellow
yellow, blue, blue
blue, yellow, blue
blue, blue, yellow
yellow, yellow, blue.

Go right.
Zoom in on the 2 trees just right of the river, above the white flag.
Put all the birds on the branches as per the above birdy pattern.
If a bird does not want to stick, try the next one.
Once all the birds are correct, take the leaf.

Zoom in on the rocks above the lion.
Place all the leaves in their correct positions.

Well done on a great escape!

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