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Hurry and Escape! Roof Walkthrough

The step-by-step walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game Hurry and Escape! Roof.
You can play hurry and escape the roof escape game here.

You have 30 seconds so be quick!

Remove the "X cleaner" sign.
Move the drum on the left to get an empty bottle.
Fill the bottle with the green stuff.
Use the bottle ont he lock of the green box.
Get the zip handle from the box.
Use the zip handle on the zip line to escape.

Tap the blow-pipe on the right.  A ball will pop out on the left.
Look at the number on the ball: 8055... but this is upside down.  Code is 5508.
Open the lock on the brown box with 5508.
Take the seed from the box.  Feed it to the pigeon.
Take the key from the pigeon and use on the door to escape.

Move the shoe and get a green climb hold.  Place it on the rock,
Open the green bag and get a blue climb hold.  Place it on the rock.
Get the pink climb hold from the bench.  Place it on the rock.
Get the key and unlock the door to exit.

Move the chairs and get a packet of seed.  Use the seed on the ground.
Take the binoculars and look at the window where the big yellow light is on.
Pink, Green, Purple
Open the cupboard by setting the 3 colors to pink, green, purple.  Take the watering can.
Use the wateringcan on the ground.
Pick the flower
Put the flower in the vase on the table to get the key.
Use the key to exit.

Look at the word SNEW = South, North, East, West.
Click on the red toolbox.
Open by adjusting the arrows as per the directions of SNEW:  down, up, right, left.
Take the wrench.
Use the wrench on the air vent on the right.
Take the key and open the lift.  Enter the lift to exit the level.

Look at the rescue ring on the stand.  Notice the colors start from red, green, blue, then yellow.
Take the key from the bottom right corner of the stand of the slide.
Open the middle door of the changerooms.
Open the blue box by changing the colors to red, green, blue, yellow
Take the key and use it to escape.

Build the ladder:
Take the sprong at the exit door, on the bicycle, at the vent.
Open the white water tank (click the pipe on the right about halfway up)
Take the key and exit.

Take the note and read.  Count the white spaces before the next black block:  7 5 8 2
Open the box with the code 7582
Get the lighter.  Light the cande to get the key.  Use the key to exit.

Look at the green sign and notice the underlined numbers: 6 8 10
Get the ying-yang balls from lockers 6 and 8.  Get the dollar from locker 10.
Use the dollar on the vending machine to get a 3rd ying-yang ball.
Move the tree to get the 4th ying-yang ball.
Place the 4 ying-yang balls on the 4 wooden pillars.
Get the key in the center and open the lift.  Enter the lift to exit.

Get the knife from the red toolbox.
Cut the rope (cut at the bottom right) so that the bag falls down.
Get the paper from the bag and read it.

The code:  (

Repeat this pattern on the device in the center.
Press the big red button.
Climb the ladder to safety.

Well done on yet another great escape!

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