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Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find Walkthrough

Here is the step-by-step walkthrough solution for the windows flash point-and-click room escape game Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find.  This guide will give you all the help you need if you are stuck. Use the comments section below to request even more help where needed.  You can play Sneak Thief 4 Fourth Find here.

You start the escape from the top of the pink balloon ship.

Open the hatch and enter.

Take the key from the pink suit.
Use the key to unlock the fire extinguisher.
Take the fire extinguisher.

Zoom in on the pink suit area.
Use the fire extinguisher to open the orange box.
Take the funny glasses.

Use the funny glasses on the red button on the door.
The door will open.

Play a bit on the one-arm-mandit machine if you want to... we will come back later to it.
Go left.

Take the blue crayon from the table on the left.
Take the jar from the table bottom right.

Enter the left-most door.

Take the frozen brain from the deep-freeze inside the green fridge.
Unfroze the brain in the microwave above the fridge.
Put the brain in the jar
Take the knife.
Take the bottle of water.

Enter the middle door on the left.

Take the old TV set.
Zoom in on the orange box. Use the knife to open. Take the glue.
Take the energy drink fizzy pill from the drawer above the bed.
Throw the pill in with the brain in the jar then add the water.  You now have a living brain.
Zoom in on the pink robot.  Glue his mouth.

Enter the 3rd door on the left.

Take the sheet of paper from the floor.
Take 2x pieces of pipe.

Go back into the middle room.
Stick the piece of paper on the pink robot's mouth.
Draw a smiley face with the crayon

Take the lever.

Exit the room.
Go right to the one-arm-bandit machine.
Play the one-arm-bandit.
When you get the pillar shape, use the glue on it so it stay put.

Repeat until you have 3 pillars.

Take the blue prints.
Glue the 3rd pillar.
Pull the lever to take it.

Study the blue prints -- you need to build a robot.
Put the brain on the brain-part on the blue print.
Add the TV, 2 pipes, 2 levers.

You will build the robot
The robot will shoot the baloons...

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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