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Escape the Yellow House Walkthrough

The full step by step walkthrough for the point-and-click room escape game: Escape the Yellow House.  Detailed explanations with screen-prints and all the help you need to escape safely!  You can play Escape The Yellow House here.   This is a very easy room escape game.  You should be able to solve it in less than 20 minutes.

You start your escape from the Blue Door.

Climb up with the ladder.

Climb up once more

Pick up the paper clip.
Plug the Apple Mac into the wall socket.

Climb down.

Use the paperclip to lockpick the bottom drawer.
You will get a note:

200 = 210
201 = 320
202 = 430
203 = 540
204 = 650
206 = ?

205 will be 760
206 will be 870.   The first digit is the sum of the digits.  The second digit is a sequence 1,2,3,... and the 3rd digit is always a zero.

Climb down.  You are not back where you started.

Move the painting to reveal a safe.
Open the safe with the code 870.
Take the reading glasses.

Climb up.
Use the reading glasses to read the funny picture.
You will see the encrypted message 12 30.

Climb up.
Open the brown locked box with the code 1230.
Take the green key.

Climb down.
Open the top door of the cupboard with the green key.
You will see an arrow puzzle:

The solution will be 3 down arrows.  For each row there is an arrow(s) pointing left, right, and down.
Change the ? to 3 downward arrows.  Open the compartment.
You get an old stiffy disk inside.  Take it.

Go up.
Insert the disk into the Mac.
Click on the screen.
Correct the picture by swopping rows around.
Once the picture is complete, you will get a code:

Go down and down again to the blue door.
Open the blue door with the code 041.

Exit through the open door.

Good job on solving the puzzle!

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