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The Ballad of Ketinetto 5 Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution for part 5 of The Ballad of Ketinetto.  This guide will provide you a step-by-step solution to help you solve The Ballad of Ketinetto 5 if you are stuck.  If you need more help, then use the comment section below.  You can play The Ballad of Ketinetto part 5 here.

After some rock, paper, siccors games, you start your adventure in the dark room...

Look at the boxes at the back of the room.  "talk" to the mouse who will ask for some cheese in exchange for apples.  Search for the cheese in the room.... check the floor and the bench.  I found a piece between the boxes, but not zoomed in at the mouse.
Give all 5 pieces to the mouse.

Take an apple.
Use the apple on the grid.
Throw to the switch in the floor.  It looks like a golden coin.
If you miss, go fetch another apple and try again...
I have found:  throw at an angle and hold it till the power bar is about half-way

One you hit the switch... go out.

Climb the ladder out.

Take the hook from the small box.
Climb down the hatch.  Take the rope (there is a part you can take at the bottom of the mast).
Combine the hook and rope.
Climb up.

Tie the hook and rope to the mast.  Amber will climb up.
Open the door.

Watch the funny animation...

Enter the door to the Captain's quarters.

Take the knife from the back of the closet.
Open and close the drawers.  You will get a message about a sound from downstairs.
Exit the quarters.  Go down the hatch and enter the room where you started.
Take the note from the floor.

Go up and enter the quartes.
Get another piece of paper from behind the bed.  Hotspot was around the back of the pillow.
Use the knife and cut open the tapestery on the very right, close to the closet.
You will get a small key.
Take the note from the closet.  2 More letters.  YA for me.

Use the key to open the closet.
Get the rudder.
Use the rudder on the mechanism on the wall.

Follow the 2 notes: UH YA RA.  (Your letters might differ).
Set the rudder to U (tap it to move from letter to letter).  Press the switch.  Then repeat for the other letters.

Ah!  If successfull, the ship will be on autopilot and off you go!

Well done on solving The Ballad of Ketinetto 5.
I hope that you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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