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Escape from 1428 Elm Street Walkthrough

Walkthrough solution for the Windows point-and-click room-escape game Escape from 1428 Elm Street.   You can play this advernture game here.  This is a medium-easy room escape game.

About Escape from 1428 Elm Street:
You live on Elm Street, home of the infamous Freddy Krueger house.  Through the years you've heard stories of what has taken place there, but none of it has ever been confirmed.  One day while driving to school your friends dare you to go inside.  "What could possibly happen?" you wonder to yourself...  You don't believe in urban legands do you?     Now you need to escpae from the house by searching for objects and clues, solving puzzles, and get out of the house... alive!!

You start at the front door of 1428 Elm Street.

Enter the house

Pick up the hammer.
Lift the plank, then look at the skull for a clue:  3x4, 7-6, 8+7

Go forward.

Switch on the light.

Switch on the TV... just static.

Go back.

Go left.

Open the top middle cupboard.
Read Jessie's Note:
"That son of a bitch named Fred was crazy... He haunted my dreams... Can destroy him with holy or blessed water

Get the knife from the bottom, second from the right, cupboard.

Go right.
Go right again (going up stairs)

Go right.

Take the weed from the drawer.

Go right

Open the taps and flsuh the toilet so the blood can run... just for fun.
Zoom in on the mirror.
Use the hammer to smash it.
Zoom in on the box.
Enter the code from the maths you saw in the skull under the plank.  You will see the 3 boxes ask for X + X.  The multiplication is 3x4 = 12 and the sum is 8+7 = 15.  So enter 12 15 12.

The basement door will now be open.

Go back down stairs.
Go left into the kitchen.
Go forward into the basement.

Zoom in on the pipe above the furnace.
Use the knife to cut the rope.
The pipe will come down and put the fire out.

Look inside the oven:

Flip the switch.
This will open the door on the left.
Go left.

Go forward.

Look inside the grave. Then zoom into the hand.  You will unlock the shed.
Go back.

Enter the door on the left.

Read the note:
"Pull the rope
opposite room
opposite room
oposite room

So pull the rope.

Go out.  Enter room on the right.

Pull the right rope.
Go out and then left.
Light up only the left circle.
Go out and right.
Light up only the middle circle.
Go out and left.

Take the lighter.

Go back into the house to the bottom of the stairs.
Go forward to the TV room.
Go forward all the way to the shed.

Enter the shed.
It will be too dark, so use the lighter.

Read the machine operator's manual under the desk.
Machine 5023:
"First, make sure the machine is turned on.  On your computer, run the Program "Machine Works"  Use the access code on the manual to perform necessary functions"

Switch on the device on the right.

Zoom in on the PC.
Run Machine Works.
Operate Machine
Enter the access code 5023.

Climb the ladder.
Walk to the box and get the bedroom unlocked.

Go back into the house and up the stairs.
Go left and forward to the bedroom.

Read Nancy's Diary.
"Fred is very dangerous... But the thin is, he can only hurt you in your dreams.  Whatever happens in your dream happens in real life.  It's a good idea to have someone there to wake you up in case of emergency.  Otherwise, you might ant to fall asleep with a weapon in your hand - it will be your only defense."

Click the light bulb and decide if you want to proceed.
I select the YES.  For an alternative... see below.

Shoot his hand each time he apears.
Then while you wait, shoot the wooden bean on the left. After some time this beam will fall on Fred.
Shoot him.

Go to the TV.
While the TV is on, use the weed.
You will end up in Freddy's video game nightmare.

The trick is to whatch his hand... when it moves you need to jump.
After about a minute of jumping you will escape and get the holy water.
Note: If you failed, you will have to restart the game to try again...

Now go to the bedroom and select YES.  At the end, use the holy water on Freddy.

Well done on escaping from 1428 Elm Street!

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