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Escape from Mahir's Office Walkthrough

Full step by step solution walkthrough to help you solve the point-and-click room escape game Escape from Mahirs Office.  This guide will help you escape from the Psycho's office alive!  You have been hired to interview Mahir, the feared dictator, world famous psycho.  Your contact gets you into his hidden office and meet him...  now you need to get out of here, fast!    You can play the Escpae from Mahir's Office here.

You start your escape from the office desk area.

Take the key from the cigar box on the desk.
Take  a screwdriver from the middle drawer of the desk.

Turn around then open the cabinet with the key.

Take the bullets from the ammo box inside the cabinet.

On the couch, move the pillow then take the duct tape.

To the right of the couch is a bookshelf.  Take the container from the top shelf.

Go right and take the cloth from the jacket rack.

Go right to the TV then take the antenna.

Turn around and go to the the area between the couch and the shelf.

Use the antenna to reach next to the couch... you will get a box of matches.

Use the screwdriver on the bullets to get gunpoweder.
Put the gunpowder in the container.  It is difficult to see the gunpowder, however your mouse over your inventory to see it, mine was just above the container.
Use the tape on the container.

Place the taped container on the door.

Put the cloth on the container
Use the mathes to light the cloth.
You bombed the door open and escaped.
Well done on a great escape!

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