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Pizza Escape Walkthrough

Here is a full walkthrough solution for the Windows point-and-click room escape game Pizza Escape.  You can play Pizza Escape here.  If you are stuck and need help, then this walkthrough will guide you to your escape.  If you need more help or detailed explanations on this solution, then use the comments section below.  This is a very easy escape and should take you less than 15 minutes to solve.

You start the Pizza Escape in the at the table in the corner of the Pizza Shop.

You can see a smoke detector above you, and a sign on the door that reads "Door will open in case of a fire"... so you should think about making some sort of a fire on the table to escape...

Nothing to do here... for now, so go right.

Take the scarf from the chair.

Go right.

Enter "Staff Only"

Pick up the golden coin from the floor.

Go out and left then use the coin in The Claw machine.
Take the spanner from The Claw machine.

Go all the way left.
Use the spanner on the Pizza sign next to the door.

Take the green key.

Go right twice then enter the "Staff Only" room.
Open the green lock using rhe green key.
Take the cheese.

Go out then use the cheese on the mouse hole, just left of the door.
Take the pink key.

Enter the "Staff Only" room.
Unlock the pink lock.
Take the plunger.

Move the mirror above the sink.

Use the plunger on the sink to clear it.
You will see a code.  Mine is 0665.

Open the safe above the sink using the code.
Take the matches and kerosene.

Go out and all the way left to where you started.
Put the scarf on the table.
Throw the kerosene over the scarf.
Use the matches to light the scarf.

You will hear the door unlocks.
Click on the door to win.

Well done!  You have escape the pizza shop.

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