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Ballad of Ketinetto Part 2 Walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the windows room escape game Ballad of Ketinetto Part 2.  You can play Ballad of Ketinetto Part 2 here.  This guide includes detailed explanations, screen prints, and all you need to solve the puzzles.  If you require more help, then please use the comments section at the bottom.

You start the adventure in the town...

Take the 3 bottles on the bottom left in the shade.  Some of them will be broken.
Take the bottle on the right and midway on the left is another one.

Take the red loose wood on the left.

Go to the alley (bottom right) and listen to the story of how all the people left.
We need his flag, but he does not want to let go of it...  will make a plan to get it!
Go to the beach (top).

Take the stick.
Take the rope.
Combine the 2 sticks then add the rope to secure them.
Use the non-broken bottle to collect some sea water.
Go back to town.

Use the joined sticks on the wooden duck...
An hour later...
Two hours later...
A day later...
You will have the base for your boat.

Go back to town.
Enter the door on the bottom right.

Read the note at the door on how to make the Caribbean Demon Drink:
Rum, salt, methane gas sediment, worm.

Take the jar from the table.
Use the jar on the faucet of the barrel.  Now you have a jar filled with rum.

Pick up the card from the floor.
Use the card on the dirty stool.  Now you have sediments.

Go outside.
Look for a loose tile.
Use the hand on it.  Repeat until you find the worm... you will have to lift all the tiles before you get the worm!

Combine the saltwater with the rum.  You now have a salty rum.
Combine the worm with the rum.
Combine the sediment on the card with the rum.

Go to the alley
Give the Caribbean Demon Drink (your jar with rum) to the old man.
He will fall asleep.
Take the flag.

Go to the beach.
Add the poles to the boat.
Add the flag to the mast.

And off you go!
Well done on a fantastic escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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