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Dooors Walkthrough Levels 61 to 75

DOOORS walkthrough!
Levels 61 to 75

The madness and solutions continue!
Solutions, answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and the guide to solve all the DOOORS room escape levels.
Need help?  Read on!
Some new dooors were added. so here is the detailed solution in the walkthrough:

Dooors Walkthrough Level 61
2 Beds and a green door

Dooors Solution Door 61

Hint: Look at the dots and tap the beds according to the dark dots.

Solution:  Tap the 2 beds in this order:
L R L L L R L 
Door bar will go green.  Tap the door and win level 61.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 62
6 Red Lights, 3 Red buttons.

Dooors Solution Door 62

Quickly tap all 9 buttons and then the door.
If you are too slow, you will have to start over.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 63
Oak door with tree and two plants

Dooors Solution Door 63

Tap the plant on the right so that it moves out of the way.
Use the hammer on the tree a few times to get a spade.
Pick up the spade and use in the garden on the left to get a key.
Use the key in the hole that was covered by the plant.
Turn the key
Door bar goes green and you can win level 63.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 64
Big red balloon

Dooors Solution Door 64

Tilt your device so that the balloon can take off and fly away.
Now use the hammer on the floor tiles that will be a mirror image of the dark tiles on the wall.
Once you hit all 3 (they will go down if you hit the correct tiles) you can open the door.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 65
Target with yellow green red blue

Dooors Solution Door 65
Use your gun and hit the moving target a couple of times.
As you hit it, a display with a color spiral will descend.
Once it is below the target line, tap the colors according to the spiral, starting with the red.

Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Door will open.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 66
@ @ Dirt

Dooors Solution Door 66

Use the spade on the dirt in front of the door.

Hint: Look at your devices' dial keypad.

You need to match the 2 dark blocks with your dial keypad.
The bottom left should be an asterisk (*) and the right a hash (#).
So tap the left button until it is an asterisk.
Tap the right button until it is a hash.

Open the door and exit level 66.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 67
Blue Green Red

Dooors Solution Door 67

Move the red button on the left up 5 positions (there are 5 red lines at the top)
Move the blue button up 2 positions (there are 2 blue lines at the top)
A white ball will fall down.

Let the white ball roll left and right (all the way so it touches the box).  Tilt your device to make it happen.
It will go 4 or 5 times and you will see how the green lights above the door light up.
Once all are green, open the door.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 68

Dooors Solution Door 68

Take the missile head
Use the hammer on the elevated tile where the missile head was.
Take the key from the tile that raised.
Use the key on the door.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 69
Heart Beat

Dooors Solution Door 69

Look at the red heart-beat sign.
Each time it reaches the zig-zags, shake your device.  A light will turn green.
Repeat another 4 times.
Once all are green, the door can open.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 70
Red circles and triangle

Dooors Solution Door 70

Something buggy on mine.
The left side top tile should show a 45-degree angle.  Now it shows only 2 dots.
The right side shows a 60-degree angle.
Tap the bottom 4 tiles with the red dots so that the left is 45 and the right 60
For the zero, you need to tap through the numbers back to blank.

Door will open.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 71
Motor Bike

Dooors Solution Door 71

They guy on the motor bike will drive pass with different color motorbikes.
The top hint shows you from slow to fast.
So have a look at all colors then tap the tiles from left to right from slowest to fastest.

Solution from left to right:
blue, black, white, red

Dooors Walkthrough Level 72

Dooors Solution Door 72

There are 2 light tiles on the floor in the bottom center.
Tap left-right-left-right as fast as you can.
This will fill the purple bar.
Once it is full you can open the door.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 73
Rocket room

Dooors Solution Door 73

Pick up the missile head and use on the missile body.
Use the fire stick and light the missile at its base.
The missile will take off and open the 4 wall tiles.
Change the 4 tiles so that the marker points to each outside corner according to the hint above the door.
Door will open!

Dooors Walkthrough Level 74
Red button maze

Dooors Solution Door 74
There are 3 lines connected to the red light on the wall.  If a line goes out on the right it continues on the left.
You need to figure out how these 3 lines reach the top middle lego block, then tap the corresponding button at the bottom.

The correct buttons are 1, 3, and 5.
Tap these down and the light will go green.
Now you can open the door.
Tilt your device to get rid of the rock.
Exit level 74.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 75
Lego blocks

Dooors Solution Door 75

Tap the brown/orange square block on the left to reveal a button.  Press the button and 5 colorful balloons will drop down.

Use the gun and pop the balloons in the order of the house-type structure on the right:
green, red, blue, yellow, purple.
Bar above door will go green if you did it correctly.
Now you can open the door.

Lift the next door up.
Use the hammer to break through the wood barrier.

Congratulations!  You have solved all the doors of DOOORS!
5 more levels were added.  Follow THIS link to the solutions for DOOORS 76 to 80

Well done!
Hope you enjoyed this DOOORS Walkthrough!

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