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100 Floors 2013 Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Walkthrough for Floors 1 to 10

Solution to level 1 to 10 of 100 Floors 2013.

Can you make it to the top?
Enjoy this game and make it to the next floor by solving the puzzle!
Use all the functions of your device.
Tilt, shake, tap, touch, slide.
Look for leads and clues.
Best of luck!

If you are stuck, here is the help, tips, tricks, cheats, and 
full walkthrough with detailed explanation on how to get the answers.

100 Floors 2013 Level 1 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Floor 1 Solution
Tap the green elevator button to open the door.
Tap the door and it will take you to the next floor.

100 Floors 2013 Level 2 Walkthrough
Palm tree and 2 lights

100 Floors 2013 Floor 2 Solution
Move the palm tree out of the way,
then tap the green elevator button and you will be on your way to floor 3.

100 Floors 2013 Level 3 Walkthrough
Red car at the door

100 Floors 2013 Floor 3 Solution
Tilt your device so the car roll down to the left.
The green button was hidden behind the car.
With the expensive German Sedan out of the way, tap the green button to floor 4.

100 Floors 2013 Level 4 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Floor 4 Solution
Shake your device so the water falls to the floor
The water is conductive so it will complete the power circuit.
Now you can tap the green button to floor 5.

100 Floors 2013 Level 5 Walkthrough
A clock A box A keypad

100 Floors 2013 Floor 5 Solution
Shake your device to get the keypad.
Pick up the key card.
Use the key-card on the keypad to open the door

100 Floors 2013 Level 6 Walkthrough
Hammer and glass

100 Floors 2013 Floor 6 Solution
Pick up the hammer
Use the hammer to smash the glass.
Tap the glass to get it out of the way.
Now you can tap the green button to take you to floor number 7.

100 Floors 2013 Level 7 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Floor 7 Solution
The hints on the door tells you the ABCDEFGHI = 123456789
So tap the keypad and then enter the numbers for the letters G,C,E,A
If you struggle to count, this is the code to take you to floor 8: 7351

100 Floors 2013 Level 8 Walkthrough
Triangle and 3 stars

100 Floors 2013 Floor 8 Solution
Tap the triangle, then the stars.  If you tap correctly, the green bulbs will turn on.
If you make a mistake you have to start over.

Hint: Start with 3 angles, then 4, 5, 6...

This is the order:
Top Triangle
Left star, top right star, bottom right star.

100 Floors 2013 Level 9 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Floor 9 Solution
Move the W sign all the way West (left)
Move the N sign all the way North (up)
Move the S sign all the way South (down)
Move the E sign all the way East (right)

Door will open and you can go to level 10.

100 Floors 2013 Level 10 Walkthrough
BOSS Level  - Game on Luke!

100 Floors 2013 Floor 10 Solution
You need to play naughts-and-crosses against Darth Vader and win.
He does not play well, so you should win easily.
May the Force be with your!

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