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100 Doors of Revenge Level 91 to 95 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge 
Walkthrough Level 91 to 95

100 Doors of Revenge 
Solutions for Level 91 to 95

A new update for 100 Doors of Revenge has arrived bringing some new challenging levels to this very popular room-escape game.  Here then the guide with tips, tricks, cheats, and as usual the detailed solution with all the answers to solve and understand 100 Doors of Revenge.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 91 Walkthrough
50 Shades of Gray Gears

100 Doors of Revenge Door 91 Solution

Pick up gears from the floor pile.
Now attach them to the bolts on the wall -
their teeth must make a perfect fit.

You can only have 3 in your inventory.

If correct, the door will open.
Here is the solution in a picture:

100 Doors of Revenge Level 92 Walkthrough
Mirror in the kitchen

100 Doors of Revenge Door 92 Solution

Pick up the matches form the bottom right.
Pick up the white pot
Use the pot on the tap to fill it with water.
Put the pot full of water on the stove.
Open the gas-valve on the stove.
Use the matches and light the plate under the pot.

The steam will show the code on the mirror: 4719
Use the keypad with code 4719 to solve level 92.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 93 Walkthrough
Blue, Green, and Red Bubbles

100 Doors of Revenge Door 93 Solution
There is a hint next to the door on the right:
Red - Green-Blue.

So, tap a red ball and drag it to green ball, then drag to blue ball.
Drag to another red then green then blue.
Once you have all the balls, drag it to the brown hole left of the door to open the door.
If you drag to a wrong color bubble, the bubble will spit all the balls out
and you have to start over.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 94 Walkthrough
Building, Pyramid, Ball

100 Doors of Revenge Door 94 Solution
The hint to the right of the door shows you there are 2 flat surfaces.

The building has 6
The pyramid has 5 (There are 2 pyramids, so 5 and 5)
The circle has none.

So use the keypad and solve level 94 with 6 5 5 0

100 Doors of Revenge Level 95 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge Door 95 Solution
This is an easy level.
The number 73695 is above the door.
Drag the blue arrow down to each number and release.

So drag to 7 then 3, then 6 then 9 then 5.

Door will open and level 95 will be solved!

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