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100 Doors of Revenge Level 88 to 90 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge 
Walkthrough Level 88 to 90

100 Doors of Revenge 
Solutions for Level 88 to 90

A new update for 100 Doors of Revenge has arrived bringing some new challenging levels to this very popular room-escape game.  Here then the guide with tips, tricks, cheats, and as usual the detailed solution with all the answers to solve and understand 100 Doors of Revenge.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 88 Walkthrough
Golden Dial and green button

100 Doors of Revenge Door 88 Solution
Tap the green button and count the revolutions made by the dial.
Tap it again and count.
Do the above 4 times to get the code: 8 2 4 3 
Use the keypad and enter the code 8243 to win.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 89 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge Door 89 Solution
On the door are letters with numerical values.
The clue above the door is a rainbow, without the bow  = rain

Look at the letters for rain:
R = 11
A = 2
I = 4
N = 32

Solve level 89 by using the keypad with the numbers 112432

100 Doors of Revenge Level 90 Walkthrough
Boat and bombs

100 Doors of Revenge Door 90 Solution
Pick up the scissors
Use the scissors to cut the string to one of the bombs.  You need to bomb the boat above.
If you bomb the boat, you will get a key
Use the key on the door to exit level 90.

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