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100 Safes
100 Safes room escape game

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100 Exits Level 10 to 19 Walkthrough

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 10 to 19 
100 Exits Solution Level 10 to 19

Your guide with tips, hint, and cheats
100 Exits!

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 10
Mirror Image

100 Exits Solution Exit 10
Press the home button on the door (left hand-side home button)
Then press the home button on your device.
The game will exit.  If you done it correctly your will hear a 2 second sound as the game closes.
Restart 100 Exits and the door should be open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 11
Man overboard Help

100 Exits Solution Exit 11
Hint: Help = SOS 
Tap the Morse code for SOS on the door.  You should hear the beeps.
If you make a mistake, tap the retry button top left and start over.
SOS in Morse Code = dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.
A dot is short beep and a dash is a long beep.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 12
Fingerprint scanner

100 Exits Solution Exit 12
Tap and hold your finger on the scanner for about 10 seconds.  It will scan and open the door.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 13
Slide puzzle

100 Exits Solution Exit 13
Complete the sliding puzzle.
The answer will be:


100 Exits Walkthrough Level 14
Balls Refelction

100 Exits Solution Exit 14
Change all the balls so that the reflection is correct.
See here for the correct orientation of the balls:

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 15

100 Exits Solution Exit 15
With that hand you set bet for a full-house:
You can get a full house, so tap F-U-L-L House Key
The 2 hidden cards = A+K that will complete the full-house in Texas Holdem.

After you tapped F-U-L-L House Key, the door will open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 16

100 Exits Solution Exit 16
As per the picture of the device on the table, 
Put your device flat down.
Hold it for 5 seconds and the door will open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 17
Colorful Open

100 Exits Solution Exit 17
The hint on the door is "do not tap"
Put your device flat down and wait about 15 seconds for the door to open.
If you wait a bit longer (not sure if this happens every time) a hint key will fall down that you can take.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 18

100 Exits Solution Exit 18
You need 26 points to open the door.
Pink = 6, Blue = 5, Black = 7, Yellow = 2, Green = 3
To get to 26, you can play Pink, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 19

100 Exits Solution Exit 19
Tap O-P-E-N to exit Exit 19.
Note that the P is upside-down, so you need to tilt your device upside-down to tap the P.
If you do it correct, the letters will be colored green as you go.
If you make a mistake, start over with the O.

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