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100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough

Here is a link to the walkthrough's
for all the levels of
100 Doors of Revenge.

100 doors of revenger

For links to all the other solutions for levels of 
100 Doors of Revenge:

Once you have completed all 100 doors,
Continue the Adventure with
100 Doors Runaway!

About 100 Doors of Revenge:

100 Doors of Revenge is one of the best room-escape games made for tablets.
You need to escape each room by solving puzzles and thinking outside of the box.
Sometimes the clues are very obvious, sometimes you need to think more
creatively to spot them.  There is very little instructions so it is all
up to your brainpower, creative thinking, lateral thinking,
analytically deductions and maybe a little bit of luck to solve the puzzles.
This walkthrough gives you the solution to all the levels.
I provide not just the answer, but where applicable, 
a detailed explanation to the answer.

Happy Puzzle Solving!


  1. This was the best walkthrough for a game I ever used. The page had a warm pleasant welcome,so easy to follow & to the point. 5 Stars :-}

  2. when i tilt in the lenel 71 no change occurs,how to solve this level