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100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 53 to 60

100 Crypts Level 53 to 60 Walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough with detail solutions on how to solve levels 53 to 60 on 100 Crypts.  

100 Crypts is a room- or door escape game.  You need to solve each "crypt" by solving a puzzle.  You first need to figure out what is the situation about, as there are no instructions.  Hints are found all over, but sometimes you need to think outside the box to understand why/where/what and how!  If you struggle, then this guide will provide you with the answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and moves to solve every crypt.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 53

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 53
Hint: Look at the wall around the fireplace for the clue.

Notice the knobbles.
You need to roll the ball (tilt the device) to hit the 2 red buttons according to the patter on the wall.
2x right
2x left
2x right
1x left
1x right

Fire will move away and door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 54
Blue Green Yellow Red

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 54

Adjust the 4 sliders according the the colors above the door.

From left to right:
1st slider: go 1 up to light blue
2nd slider: green
3rd slider: yellow
4th slider: Red at the top.

Door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 55
12 Red Blocks

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 55
Change all 12 red blocks to be that of a chess board.
Alternating White (silver/gray) and  Black

There is a clue on the bottom right floor - the mask on the white tile.
The top-left should be white.  Now alternate the colors as per the floor or a chess board to win.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 56
6 Objects in the green

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 56
You will see 6 objects on the door.
Shake your device and in the top right you will see 6 similar objects:
violin, crown, torch, paint, dragon, clock

You need to tap the matching object on the door in the same sequence:

guitar, knight (chess horse), light bulb,  painters palette,  fireball, hourglass

Door will open!

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 57

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 57
Have a look at the musical notes and count the rotations they all make.
Then tap the numbers next to each instrument:

Violin: 4
Harp: 6
Gramophone: 8
Trumpet: 9

Level 57 solved!

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 58
Ships Wheels

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 58
Look at the 8 black markings of the door.
Adjust the wheel next to each so that the white highlighted portion points 
in the same direction as the black marking.

Left side from top to bottom:
0 times
7 times
7 times
6 times.

Right side from top to bottom:
2 times
3 times
3 times
3 times

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 59
Silver disks

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 59

You need to tap the 4 silver disk buttons in the right order.
The hint is on the door.

Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 60
Skulls and Stars

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 60
The stars are shining at a specific height.
Adjust the skulls at the bottom to match the height.

The height should be: 4,5,3,6
So tap the skulls from left-to-right: 3 times, 4 times, 2 times, 5 times.

Door will open!
That is it for now.


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