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Electronic Sketchpad

Hello Everyone

I need a drawing tablet to connect to my PC (Windows 7).  Any recommendations?

I want to do basic pencil drawing and art work.  Maybe some photography touch-ups.
It must be child friendly so that my 3- and 5- year old can play with it (of course under supervision!)
I want to create some basic sprites for tablet applications.
I need to be able to trace from an existing picture.
My target price-range is about US$50 to $200

I am considering the Wacom Bambo Create
But maybe I should also look at other more entry-level Wacom products.
What do you think about the Monoprice Tablet?
Then should I consider options like Genius, Manhattan, Apitek, and Hanvon?
Is there another popular brand that I should investigate first?
Have you done any comparisons between the different devices/models?

So, what Electronic Sketchpad do you recommend?  Any good / bad experiences out there?


  1. Hi. You cannot go wrong with the Wacom models. For start-up I would recommend one of the smaller models. If you go pro, then investigate something more powerful. The look-and-feel and Wacom is superior to the other tablets.

    1. I agree. Wacom is very good and trouble free. Note: Moving from mouse to tablet pen drawing takes a few days getting used to. Once you are on the Wacom you will never look back... unless later you upgrade to a more professional version.

  2. Wacom Bamboo will be more expensive than most of the others, but it is worth it. I will however not let young children work with it. The tip of the pen will damage easily if not used correctly.
    Good luck with your purchase.

  3. I am happy with my Genius TouchPen. Not the same professional quality as the Wacom, but it do its job fine. I would recommend you first find-a-friend with a graphics tablet and see if it is for you. Some people switch back to the good old mouse. Get yourself a quality drawing package. Normally the packages that comes with the tablet will be the Light-, Essential-, Trial-, or plain watered down version.

  4. I have compared various drawing tablets before and Wacom came out tops. Also check the free software you get with each tablet. Sometimes if you need a specific software you almost get the tablet for free.

  5. Richelle D'AregonMarch 28, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    The reviews of the Monoprice tablet is very impressive, also the cost. If in doubt, get the Wacom.

  6. Hi. You can get almost any version/model/make of drawing tablet and you will notice a difference. Artwork for the PC/tablet/MAC will be a pleasure. Give yourself 3 days of use to get use to the new device. Get a good art program, that's important. Buy entry-level and later upgrade depending on your need. Some people prefer larger devices, some enjoy drawing on the small tablets.

  7. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet. Fantastic product, but above your price expectations. Go with Wacom and it will grow into you.

    For the kids, consider getting a Leapfrog LeapPad. Small children and professional drawing tablets might not be a good match. They will break the pen, unless used under your supervision. The LeapPad 2 comes in different colors and customizations e.g. Princess Bundle for your daughter.

    For yourself, get the Wacom Bamboo Create also called the Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch Tablet - CTH670.