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100 Floors 2013 Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 Walkthrough 

Floors 11 to 20

100 Floors 2013 Solutions for 
levels 11 to 20

100 Floors 2013 Level 11 Walkthrough
Fruit bowls

100 Floors 2013 Floor 11 Solution:
Count the fruit in each bowl to get the code
Order will be apples (5), bananas (2), oranges (7) and tomatoes (3)
Tap the keypad and solve room 11 with the code 5 2 7 3

100 Floors 2013 Level 12 Walkthrough
Clock palmtree box and keypad

100 Floors 2013 Floor 12 Solution:
Above the door is the map with the hint.
You need to tap the objects according to the map.
Start with the box in the lower right corner.
If you tap correctly, a light will go green.  Make a mistake and they reset to white.

Tap in this order:

box, tree, clock, map.

Door will open and you can go to floor 13.

100 Floors 2013 Level 13 Walkthrough
4 pipes with black balls

100 Floors 2013 Floor 13 Solution:
You need to get all 4 black balls in the green area on the pipe to win level 13.
Tilt your device to make them roll.
If you have the bottom- and left pipe correct, the balls will stick to the green.
Then you can do the top and right pipe.
With all four corrected you can advance to level 14.

100 Floors 2013 Level 14 Walkthrough
Love Life Beautiful Legend

100 Floors 2013 Floor 14 Solution:
Count the letters in each word to get the code for level 14.
Love (4), Life (4), Beautiful (9), Legend (6)
Tap the keypad and win level 14 with the code: 4496

100 Floors 2013 Level 15 Walkthrough
Bookshelves and clock.

100 Floors 2013 Floor 15 Solution:
Shake your device.  The books on the left shelf will fall down.
They will reveal the green button.  Press the button and off to level 16 you go.

100 Floors 2013 Level 16 Walkthrough
Roman Numerals

100 Floors 2013 Floor 16 Solution:
The code for this level will be the Roman Numerals.
The order of the numbers are indicted underneath each numeral - the number of stripes.

So the first one will be III = 3
The second number will be IX = 9
The third number will be IV = 4
The last number will be VII = 7

Tap the keypad and solve level 16 with the code 3947

100 Floors 2013 Level 17 Walkthrough
Clock and a blue keypad

100 Floors 2013 Floor 17 Solution:
Hint: Look at the time on the clock.
It is 11:15
Use the keypad and solve level 17 with the code 1115

100 Floors 2013 Level 18 Walkthrough
Balloon and rock

100 Floors 2013 Floor 18 Solution:
Turn your device upside down so that the mountain painting lifts from the shelf.
You will find a knife on the shelf when the painting is out of the way.
Pick up the knife and use it to cut the balloon string.
Tilt your device so that the rock slides down to the red button.
The rock will put pressure on the button and will then open the door to level 19.

100 Floors 2013 Level 19 Walkthrough
5 silver balls

100 Floors 2013 Floor 19 Solution:
Press the green carpet then follow the light sequence.
You need to remember the sequence then repeat it.
If you tap correctly a light above the door turns green.  Make a mistake and you start over.
Each time you come to this level the sequence change.

100 Floors 2013 Level 20 Walkthrough
Boss level 20

100 Floors 2013 Floor 20 Solution:
You need to play hit-the-mole and get more than 25 hits to win this level.
Keep trying.  I got 29, so it is not too difficult to win.

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