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100 Doors of Revenge Level 96 to 100 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge 
Walkthrough Level 96 to 100

100 Doors of Revenge 
Solutions for Level 96 to 100

A new update for 100 Doors of Revenge has arrived bringing some new challenging levels to this very popular room-escape game. Here then the guide with tips, tricks, cheats, and as usual the detailed solution with all the answers to solve and understand 100 Doors of Revenge.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 96 Walkthrough
Vases and a saw

100 Doors of Revenge Door 96 Solution
Pick up the hand-saw from the bottom right corner.
Use the saw on the middle portion of the shelve (center above the door) so that the middle section of the shelve and the 3 vases on it falls down to the floor.

Shake your device left right up and down.  
The remaining 2 vases will fall down.
The vase on the right will fall, break, and reveal a key.

Pick up the key and use it to unlock the door.

Level 96 solved.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 97 Walkthrough
Block on a rope

100 Doors of Revenge Door 97 Solution
Pull put the 4 daggers from the right.
Notice the blades of each:  count the blood drops.
Once all 4 are out, the block will raise and reveal the keypad.
Use the keypad with the number of blood drops per dagger as the code.

Use the code 3132 on the keypad to win level 97.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 98 Walkthrough
3 Color Balls

100 Doors of Revenge Door 98 Solution

The hint on the door shows you a diamond shape.
Now you need to tap the color balls in order.  Star at the left and go around clockwise.
There is a hidden ball on the floor that you also need to tap.
Its position will be on the floor, under the door, as if with the other 3 balls it makes a perfect diamond shape.
Lastly, tap the circle on the left again.
Door will open.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 99 Walkthrough
0 to 40

100 Doors of Revenge Door 99 Solution
Open the valve on the right, and notice where it goes, where it goes again, before returning to 0.
Repeat 4 times.  Get the difference between where it initially goes and the second go.

Round 1: 10, 0  = 10
Round 2: 25, 20  = 5
Round 3: 30, 5 = 25
Round 4: 35, 21 = 14

You need quick eyes!

Now you can tap the keypad and exit with the code
10 5 25 14

100 Doors of Revenge Level 100 Walkthrough
Clock and numbers

100 Doors of Revenge Door 100 Solution
Look at each line, then follow the number clues next to the door.

Red line: 0.  So this line = 0
1st Green Line: at 3.  But clue is 3 = 5 so this line = 5
2nd Green Line at 9.  No clue for 9. So this line = 9
3rd Green Line at 11. Clue is 1 = 7, so this line is 77
4th Green Line at 18. Clue is 1 = 7 and 8 = 2 so this line = 72

Use the keypad with the code 0597772

More Levels Coming Soon!  Cannot wait!!


  1. Level 96 is not happening pls help me

    1. Use the saw on the shelf then shake?