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100 Doors 2015 Levels 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2015 Walkthrough

Guide, solutions, tips, tricks, and cheats
Detailed solutions with explanations to the answers.

100 Doors 2015 Level 11 Walkthrough
Mr Hopkins Room

100 Doors 2015 Door 11 Solution
Tap each circle to select it, then shake your device to fill the circle.
Once all 3 white circles are filled yellow, the door will open.

100 Doors 2015 Level 12 Walkthrough
Mr Miles

100 Doors 2015 Door 12 Solution

15 - 9 - 6
3 + 8 = 11
7 x 2 = 14
12 - 3 = 9

You need to tap the math equations according the the answer size compared to the size of the brown circles on the floor.

So tap the biggest (7 x 2)
Then smallest (15-9)
then 2nd biggest (3 + 8)
then 2nd smallest (12 - 3)

Each correct answer will turn a light on the door green.
Once all is green the door will open.
If you make a mistake, the lights go out and you need to start from the beginning.

100 Doors 2015 Level 13 Walkthrough
Mrs. Day

100 Doors 2015 Door 13 Solution
Look at the wire pattern on the door.
Follow the pattern:
1. Tap the star-painting
2. Tap the clock
3. Tap the yellow carpet
4. Tap the door.

100 Doors 2015 Level 14 Walkthrough
Mrs Burton

100 Doors 2015 Door 14 Solution
Tilt your device left so the green ball roll off the shelf.
Tilt your device upside down and you will see a key coming from the hole made by the ball.
Take the key
Use the key on the keyhole to open the door.

100 Doors 2015 Level 15 Walkthrough
Ms Larson

100 Doors 2015 Door 15 Solution
Move the painting down to see the number 71
Move the carpet down to see the number 52

Hint on the door: Carpet then Painting
SO use the code 5271 on the keypad to solve level 16

100 Doors 2015 Level 16 Walkthrough
Mr Meadows

100 Doors 2015 Door 16 Solution
Press the door bell button.
Look at the colors of the circles lighting up:
Red green blue yellow

Now use the keypad and type the number in the order of the colored Roman Numerals
Use the keypad with 9473 to solve level 16

100 Doors 2015 Level 17 Walkthrough
Mrs Jacobson

100 Doors 2015 Door 17 Solution
The hint for level 17 is the key in the bottom corner of the left-side picture.
The dominant or background color is mustard.
To make mustard you need yellow and green.

So tap the bottom 2 white squares to change them to yellow and green (or green and yellow)
to solve level 17.

100 Doors 2015 Level 18 Walkthrough
MR Jacobson

100 Doors 2015 Door 18 Solution
Tap the buttons in this order: pink, green, yellow, blue
But, for green and blue, tilt your device upside down - so that their triangles face up.

You will see the green dots on the door lighting up as you do it correctly

100 Doors 2015 Level 19 Walkthrough
Mr S Wells

100 Doors 2015 Door 19 Solution
Get both blue bars above the red line to open the door.
There are 2 black buttons in the top left and top right corners.
Quickly press and alternate between the 2 black buttons to make the bars grow.

100 Doors 2015 Level 20 Walkthrough
Mr Tucker

100 Doors 2015 Door 20 Solution
Hint: Get the yellow ball into the mouse-hole.

Solution: Tilt your device right then left then right so that the ball rolls off the shelves.
Don't let it roll off the shelf!
Get it to roll into the black mouse hole to solve level 20.

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