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One day when I am very rich...

One day when I am very rich...
I will have a Rolex or Hublot Bassel watch
I will play a Bach Stradivarius and one or two Monette Trumpets
I will wear a Gucci Diamond belt.
I will shave with a Zaffiro razor
And when on holiday, I will put on a Montecristi Panama Hat.
The Louis Vuitton sunglasses will keep the sun out of my eyes.
When it rain, I will use my Couture Crocodile Skin Umbrella
My shoes will be made by Testoni
My suitcases will be custom designed by Henk van de Meeve.
To round of my R.Jewels Diamond Edition suit, I will add some Yozu shirt cuff links.
I will travel around town in one of my Bugatti's.

Well, I am not rich (yet).  I am down-to-earth.
My most expensive accessory would be my Asics running shoes, my Levi denim, or maybe my Polar running watch.  I think I am happier that the rich man with his million dollar clothes. I am healthy - something all the money in the world cannot buy.  I will treasure my health, and sometimes dream what it could feel like being rich.


  1. In my younger days I chased money. Today I wish I could exchange my wealth for health. I am overweight. I do not have any fitness. I have money and all the earthly things you could ever need and some more. But, my money cannot buy me happiness anymore. Do not make the mistake I made. Invest in you health. Invest in having a balanced live. Simplify your life. Eat healthy. Exercise. BE HAPPY. Share with others. Build friendships not walls and pyramids.

  2. I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change