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Doors & Rooms Chapter 1 Walkthrough - Rusty Key

Doors & Rooms Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Rusty Key Walkthrough and Solution

Doors & Room is an interactive room escape game.  You will get very little clues and instructions.  Have a look at the room and search around for clues to escape.  This escape game is beautifully designed and a pleasure to play.  One of the top room-escape games for tablets.  Here you will find the solutions, answers, tips, tricks, and cheats to solve every stage.  Your Doors & Room Solutions Guide!

Stage 1-1 Walkthrough

This is a stage to teach you the concept of the game.  Nothing much to do here.
Tap the door and exit.

Stage 1-2 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the latch in the bottom right of the door.
Unlock the latch by tapping it.
Tap the door and exit.

Stage 1-3 Walkthrough

Pick up the hammer
Open inventory, select hammer and use it on the glass container.
Now that the glass is broken, pick up the key.
Use the key to unlock the door and exit.

Stage 1-4 Walkthrough

Open the top drawer and pick up the key-thingy.
Open your inventory and dismantle the key-thingy.
Use the key on the door to exit.

Stage 1-5 Walkthrough

Pick up the red batteries from the floor.
Pick up the remote from the floor.
Open inventory and select both the batteries and remote, then combine.
Use the remote-with-batteries on the mouse-hole to the left of the door.
The train comes out with the key.
Pick up the key and use it to open the door.

Stage 1-6 Walkthrough

Pick up the note from the wall to the left of the door.
Observe the note to see the code 2531
Tap the keypad safe on the wall and enter code 2531.
The safe will open and you can take the key from it.
Use the key on the door to exit.

Stage 1-7 Walkthrough

Pick up the pliers.
Read the hint on the wall: Cut Red, Green, then Yellow.
Zoom in on the bomb.
Use the pliers to cut red, then green, then yellow.
Tap the door to exit.

Stage 1-8 Walkthrough

On the floor is the hint: The letter E.
Tap the keypad and make the letter E:

Door will go green so you can exit.

Stage 1-9 Walkthrough

You need to tap the 4-panel glass on the floor to lower the key.
Double-tap a panel and if it gets highlighted move to the next panel.  If it reset, try again to get the order right.
The order from left-to-right would be 2,3,4,1

Now take the key and use the key on the door.

Stage 1-10 Walkthrough

Look at the keypad on the right to see what you need to count.

Look at the cards panel on the wall and count:

There are 7 blue spades
There are 2 green clubs
There are 3 red hearts
There are 9 yellow diamonds.

Now tap the keypad again and enter 7239.  
Take the key and open the door!

Stage 1-11 Walkthrough

Take the vanity case from the dustbin
Take the toilet paper.
Remove the plug from the sink.
Dismantle the toilet roll.  You will see code 217453 on the roll.

Open the lock on the locker with the code 217453
Take the hammer from the locker.

Use the hammer on the mirror to break it.
Pick up a piece of mirror.
Combine the mirror piece with the vanity bag to cut it open.
Dismantle the vanity case to get a magnet.
Combine the magnet with the sink plug.

Tap on the grate on the floor.
Use the magnet to retrieve the key.

Use the key to unlock the door.

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