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100 Doors Underground Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Doors Underground Walkthrough for 

levels 21 to 30

100 Doors Underground Solution for 

level 21 to 30

Solutions, hints, tips, and tricks.
Detailed answers with the full explanation on how/why/where/when.
These levels are getting quite tricky to solve!
If you are completely stuck, read on and I will give you the help that you need.

100 Doors Underground Level 21 Walkthrough
Colorful pyramid

100 Doors Underground Stage 21 Solution:
The picture on the right should be the same as the picture on the left, except the right picture has the pyramid unfolded and opened up.
When you look at the left pyramid, all the colors are yellow, except for the red, green, and purple stripe.
On the right, you will get the purple and a blue stripe.  Blue in the left picture will be facing the wall.
So paint the right picture yellow, except for the lines where the blue, purple, green, and red will run.

Here is the solution:

Once completed, you will get the gold key from the clock.

100 Doors Underground Level 22 Walkthrough
Elephant and other animals

100 Doors Underground Stage 22 Solution:
You need to figure out the animal the colors of the block in the bottom right.

Tap the top-left button to change the border.  This is the easy part. A green block is missing on the right column or bottom row.  So change the border until it is green.

The animal should be a dinosaur as all the animals in the right column are dinosaurs. So tap the top right button until you see Tiranosaurusrex.

The color of the animal should be yellow, as each row and column has a yellow, red, and brown animal.
Tap the bottom left button until the dinosaur is yellow.

The elephant will give you the key.

100 Doors Underground Level 23 Walkthrough
3 Wooden Lockers

100 Doors Underground Stage 23 Solution:
There are 3 wooden lockers, so make the digit 3 on the right.
You will get a key from the top of the right locker.

100 Doors Underground Level 24 Walkthrough
8 Symbols

100 Doors Underground Stage 24 Solution:
You need to adjust the shapes on the right to solve level 24.

The symbols on the right are all correct, but in the wrong position, and you need to swap filled shapes with outlined shapes and vice-verca.

I think the border around each shape is also a clue, but I do not know what to do with it.

Here is the answer of the shapes:

Take the key and exit level 24

100 Doors Underground Level 25 Walkthrough
Artist colors

100 Doors Underground Stage 25 Solution:
Hint above the door:  Tap from smallest to largest.

Tap the color squares on the right
in order of the smallest to largets color in the paining.

Tap in this order:  blue, black, red, green, yellow.

If correct you will find the golden key in the corner of the painting.

100 Doors Underground Level 26 Walkthrough
Rainbow black-and-white

100 Doors Underground Stage 26 Solution:
Adjust the colors on the left to form that of a rainbow.  Starting with red at the top.

If correct you will get the key in the painting.

100 Doors Underground Level 27 Walkthrough
Flowers to the Zodiac

100 Doors Underground Stage 27 Solution:
Correct the outer and inner circle to match the correct zodiac symbols to solve this level.
Once correct the key will appear the the woman's head.

This is the solution:

100 Doors Underground Level 28 Walkthrough
Piano playing Minesweeper

100 Doors Underground Stage 28 Solution
Not quite minesweeper.
Hint: Count until the color of the flag changes.

Start in the top left corner and count each block:
1 2 3 4 5

Second row will continue
6 7 8 and now a new color flag so start 1 2

Third row:
3 4 5 6 7

4th Row:
8 9 10 new flag 1 2

5th row:
3 4 5 6 7

If correct, you get a key on top of the piano.

100 Doors Underground Level 29 Walkthrough
Arrows and a cockroach

100 Doors Underground Stage 29 Solution:
You need to figure out the colors and the direction of the arrows.

The colors are easy.  From the 4 sets of 4 arrows you will see how it turns 90 degrees clock-wise, so the 5th set will be the same as the first.
So, adjust the colors by tapping the triangle next to each arrow to make the red, white, green blue as per the 1st set.

For the direction, each arrow will point in the same direction as per the 1st set, except for the diagonally pointed green.  In the 5th set, this will point bottom left.  Tap the green arrow to change the direction.

This is the solution:

Pick up the key from the clock.

100 Doors Underground Level 30 Walkthrough
Sun Earth Telescope

100 Doors Underground Stage 30 Solution:
Select the correct planets as per their distance from the sun.
From left-to-right:  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

If you do not know your planets, this is what they look like:
(hint: tap this image to view the complete picture)

When correct, you can collect your key from the telescope and solve level 30.

THE END (for now)

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough for levels 21 to 30 of 100 Doors Underground!


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