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100 Doors Underground Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Doors Underground Walkthrough 
Level 11 to 20

100 Doors Underground Solutions
Level 11 to 20

If you need to get unstuck from a room, here is the help you need.

100 Doors Underground Level 11 Walkthrough
Fruit baskets

100 Doors Underground Stage 11 Walkthrough
Change the blocks on the right by tapping them to the correct color of the corresponding fruit on the left.

If you do it correctly, you will receive a key in the left fruit basket.
Use the key on the door to solve level 11

100 Doors Underground Level 12 Walkthrough
Rusty Door

100 Doors Underground Stage 12 Walkthrough
Use 2 fingers and drag the rusty door to the right.
Use 2 fingers and drag the wooden door to the right.
Use 2 fingers and lift up (drag to top) the iron jail door.
Tap the last door to open and solve level 12.

100 Doors Underground Level 13 Walkthrough
Office desk and digits

100 Doors Underground Stage 13 Walkthrough
Tap the digits on the right.
You need the correct number for each digit.
The clue/hint is above the number.
Tap the number until you get to the number where the clue bars are removed from the full number 8.

This will give you 5 2 7 1
Once you tapped 5271 it will turn green and your key will be next to the fax-o-matic on the table.
Use the golden key to open the door and continue to level 14

100 Doors Underground Level 14 Walkthrough
Red Curtains

100 Doors Underground Stage 14 Walkthrough
Pick up the sword from the left.
Use the sword and cut the top of the curtains.  Use a swiping action to simulate a slice.

Once the curtain is off, collect the golden key from the stand.
Unlock the door with the key to solve level 14.

100 Doors Underground Level 15 Walkthrough
Wild animals - carnivore and herbivore

100 Doors Underground Stage 15 Walkthrough
Tap all the herbivores to green and the carnivores to red.
You will get the gold key from the zebra,
Unlock the door with the gold key to win level 15.

100 Doors Underground Level 16 Walkthrough

Animals - egg layers and mammals

100 Doors Underground Stage 16 Walkthrough
If the animal lays an egg, tap it white
If it bears live babies, tap it yellow
Get the key from the egg.

100 Doors Underground Level 17 Walkthrough
Horse and hooves.

100 Doors Underground Stage 17 Walkthrough
Drag each horse-shoe in the correct direction.
The shoe under the horse, drag from left to right.
The show above the horse, frag from top to bottom.
Follow suit with the other 2.

If you do it correctly, the shoe turns gold.
If you make a mistake, the shoe goes red and you start over.

Once all 4 have turn to gold, you will get a gold key from the horse's mouth.
Use the gold key to unlock and solve level 17.

100 Doors Underground Level 18 Walkthrough

Sun Circles

100 Doors Underground Stage 18 Walkthrough
Complete the full circle-of-life to get the key.

Use the key to open the door and solve level 18.
Clock-wise from the sun: tree, bug, bird, fox, dog, man.
If correct, you will get the gold key from the sun.
By now you should know how to open the door with the gold key.

100 Doors Underground Level 19 Walkthrough
Torture Room

100 Doors Underground Stage 19 Walkthrough
Pick up the knife from under the lamp.
Use the knife to cut the rope of the balloon
(not sure why you cannot take short-cut and pop the balloon with the knife ?!)
The balloon will go up to the ceiling.
Drag the spikes to the right.  I had to drag with 2 fingers to get it going.
The spiked will pop the balloon and you will get the gold exit key.

100 Doors Underground Level 20 Walkthrough
Pink designer Cake and Champagne

100 Doors Underground Stage 20 Walkthrough
Pick up the champagne
Shake your device.
The champagne will shoot out its cork and spill a bit on the wall.
The gold key will jump out from somewhere and land on the floor in front of the door.
Use the gold key to solve level 20.

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