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100 Doors Parallel Worlds Walkthrough

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Walkthrough

Here are the links to the solutions and walkthrough's for all the levels of 100 Doors Parallel Worlds.
You will find tips and tricks and cheats and all you need to solve and understand every level.  I provide detailed explanations with the answer to every level.  If you do not understand any of the solutions, then use the comments at the bottom of each post and I (or other problem solvers) will come and assist.

Stage 1 Walkthrough:
Level 1 to 9
Level 10 to 20

Stage 2 Walkthrough:
Level 21 to 30
Level 31 to 40

Stage 3 Walkthrough:
Level 41 to 50
Level 51 to 60

Stage 4 Walkthrough:
Level 61 to 70
Level 71 to 80

Stage 5 Walkthrough:
Level 81 to 90
Level 91 to 100

About 100 Doors Parallel Worlds:

100 Doors Parallel Worlds is a room-escape game.  There is very little instruction.  You need to evaluate the scene or room and then decide on a course of action.   This can involve a mathematical puzzle, logical problem, tapping, tilting, shaking, drag-and-dropping, rubbing, etc. to solve a problem.  Every level have some sort of logical solution, although sometimes it is not very obvious.  In the later levels you need to think more and more outside of the box.  This is a great game to enhance lateral thinking.  It is very easy to ask Dr Google for the answer and solution, but I recommend that you first spend at least 2 to 3 hours before searching for the walkthrough.  You will find that your skill in problem solving will improve as you go along.

This is one of the best room-escape games I have played.  The puzzles are very addictive!  Remember to take regular drink breaks while puzzle solving!

Have fun using my walkthrough and problem solving blog!
Happy puzzle solving.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for this page were you have the links to the various levels with walkthrough for 100 Doors Parallel Worlds. This make it so much easier to get to the right page. Thank you for the effort you put in to provide the detailed solutions. You are a STAR!