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100 Crypts Levels 31 to 40 Walkthrough

100 Crypts Walkthrough Levels 31 to 40

Here is the full walkthrough with detail solutions on how to solve levels 31 to 40 on 100 Crypts.  

100 Crypts is a room- or door escape game.  You need to solve each "crypt" by solving a puzzle.  You first need to figure out what is the situation about, as there are no instructions.  Hints are found all over, but sometimes you need to think outside the box to understand why/where/what and how!  If you struggle, then this guide will provide you with the answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and moves to solve every crypt.

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 31
Arrows and Target

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 31
You start with the green arrow and follow the direction and instruction to the next one.

So, tap the green +3
then go clock-wise 3 on to the +3 (tap the +3)
go clock-wise 3 to the right-up arrow (tap the right-up arrow)
go anti-clockwise 1 to the -3 (tap -3)
go anti-clockwise 3 to the -3 (tap -3)
go anti-clockwise 3 to the down-left arrow (tap down-left)
go anti-clockwise 1 to the -3 (tap -3)
go anti-clockwise 3 to the down-right arrow (tap down-right)
go anti-clockwise 1 to the up arrow (tap up arrow)


100 Crypts Walkthrough level 32
Diminishing Ring

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 32
You need to drag-and-drop all 8 buttons into the center ring.
But, you need to be fast.  Complete the task before the ring disappears.
If you are too slow, the ring will spit back the buttons and you need to try again.

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 33

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 33
There are 4 black baskets at the top.
Drop them to match the pattern of the brown containers at the bottom:

From left to right, tap the baskets so many times
3 0 1 2
(Tap the basket at the top of it to make it go down)

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 34

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 34
You need to make the scale balance.

3 3   1 1 3
5 9   2 2 6

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 35
Letters and candlesticks

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 35
The Morse-code at the top spell S-O-S
So tap S (bottom left), O (top right) and S (bottom left)

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 36
3-leave crypt

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 36
Tap the silver button on the right-hand-side in quick succession.
The bar on the left will climb and the door will open up when the bar reaches the top.

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 37
Candle Mathematics

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 37
Hint: This crypt is not about maths, but what do you get by combining colors.

Top row:  White + Dark blue candle = light blue
Second row: Light blue + Yellow = Green candle
Bottom row: Light blue candle + red candle = Purple candle

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 38
Rotating globe

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 38
Hint: there are 4 arrows below the ball, rotate your device accordingly and tap the ball.

So, rotate your device so the right is up. Tap the ball.  If correct, the ball will flash and the right-arrow will be highlighted.
Then, rotate so that up is facing up.  Tap the ball.  The up arrow will be highlighted.
Then, rotate so the left is facing up.  Tap the ball.  The left arrow will be highlighted.
Then, rotate so that right is facing up. Tap the ball.  
The right arrow will be highlighted and the door will open!

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 39
National Flags

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 39

There are 8 flags
On the left from top to bottom:
Japan, Germany, Spain, France

On the left from top to bottom:
Italy, Canada, USA, United Kingdom

You need to order them by size.  Drag the flag to the correct number:
1 Canada
3 France
4 Spain
5 Japan
6 Germany
7 Italy
8 United Kingdom

100 Crypts Walkthrough level 40
Rotating symbols

100 Crypts Solution Crypt 40
You need to tap the center circle as soon as the correct object appears.  You do this 7 times in the correct order.

To get the order, let it play a watch the order of the small circles.  They will rotate one at a time in a specific order.

See here for the order:

So, start with this symbol:

And as soon as it appears in the center, tap the center.  
Then do this for all 7 of them in the order as per above.
If you make a mistake, refresh and retry.  It took me about 4 tries to get it right!


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