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100 Safes
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100 Exits level 1 to 9 Walkthrough

100 Exits Walkthrough for level 1 to 9
100 Exists Solution for level 1 to 9

100 Exits Room Escape Game.
Full walkthrough with detailed solutions on how to solve, including tips, hints and cheats.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 1
Tap the door

100 Exists Solution Exit 1
To exit Exit 1, just tap the door!

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 2
Wooden bar blocking the door

100 Exists Solution Exit 2
Turn your device upside-down and the wood-bar will fall out.
Now you can drag the door open to the left.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 3
Steel door

100 Exists Solution Exit 3
Tilt your device left-right-left-right.
A key will fall down.
Tap the key then tap the door to exit.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 4

100 Exists Solution Exit 4
V = 5
SO tap the door 5 times in succession and it will open.
IF it does not, ring the doorbell and try again 5 times in quick succession.  Not 6 times!

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 5

No entry sign

100 Exists Solution Exit 5
Get the dial in the green zone.
You need to tap in quick succession the green button:  left - right - left -right and continue
until the dial is in the green.  Keep it there for about 5 seconds and the door will open.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 6

100 Exists Solution Exit 6
Tilt your device to the right so that the can moves to the door.
The can should be in the middle of the door.
Now face up your device. The can will be bigger and crash the door open.
Tilt your device so that the can goes to the left of the door.
Tap the Next sign to win level 6.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 7

100 Exists Solution Exit 7
Step 1:  Make a white-X to the left of the door:  
Only the top, bottom, left, and right buttons should be black.
The door will change from and X to a O
Step 2: Reset all the black buttons to white, then tap the center button.
Door will open.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 8
On and Off Light

100 Exists Solution Exit 8
Hint: You need to switch on the light.
By switching on the switches, you need to create a circuit from red to the bulb and one from blue to the bulb.

Here is the solution:

When the light is on, drag the door to the left to open.

100 Exists Walkthrough Level 9
6 red cars

100 Exists Solution Exit 9
Hint: you need to rotate the cars so that the number below it makes sense.
Hint 2: The number below the cars tells you how many light should shine in that direction.

From left to right:  up, up, down, up, down, down.

The first digit (4) means up, up or 2 cars up.
The second digit (2) means car 1 down

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