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100 Doors Underground Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

100 Doors Underground Walkthrough Level 1 to 10

100 Doors Underground Solutions
100 Doors Underground Guide
How to solve.

Solutions with the detailed explanations to the answers!
The first couple of levels will teach you the 100 Doors Underground concepts, so do not expect any major difficult puzzle.  You will tap the door to exit, drag-and-drop some objects, tap-and-use something, shake a bit, tilt a bit, and maybe a little but of sculpturing to solve these first few levels.

What is this place?  I must escape from here!

100 Doors Underground Level 1 Walkthrough
Only a door

100 Doors Underground Stage 1 Solution
Tap the door to open it then tap the door again to solve Stage 1 and continue to Stage 2.

100 Doors Underground Level 2 Walkthrough
3-Square Brown Shelves

100 Doors Underground Stage 2 Solution
Pick up the golden key from the bottom square shelve.
Select the key then tap the door.

100 Doors Underground Level 3 Walkthrough
Golden rug

100 Doors Underground Stage 3 Solution
Move the golden rug to the left by tapping it.
Pick up the golden key that was hiding under the carpet.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Tap the door and level 3 will be solved.

100 Doors Underground Level 4 Walkthrough
Shelve, Toolbox, Expensive Vase

100 Doors Underground Stage 4 Solution
Pick up the hammer-shaft from the toolbox.
Pick up the hammer-head from the shelve.
Use the hammer-shaft on the hammer-head (tap in your inventory on the shaft then on the head)
Use the completed hammer on the very expensive made-in-china-vase.
You will smash the vase and inside you will see the key.
Pick up the key and unlock the door to win stage 4.

100 Doors Underground Level 5 Walkthrough
Cross with spikes and a pink ball

100 Doors Underground Stage 5 Solution
Tilt your device so that the pink ball will roll all the way to the spiked cross.
The ball will pop and you will find your exit key inside.
Pick up the key and unlock the door to solve stage 5.

100 Doors Underground Level 6 Walkthrough
Rocking Chair and Safe

100 Doors Underground Stage 6 Solution
There is a cockroach running on the wall.  Tap it to squash it.
Pick up the angle-grinder from the top of the rocking chair.
Pick up the cutting disk on top of the safe.
Use the cutting disk on the angle-grinder.
Use the angle-grinder to cut open the safe.
Pick up the key and unlock the door to escape room 6.

100 Doors Underground Level 7 Walkthrough

100 Doors Underground Stage 7 Solution
Pick up the putty-knife from the pot plant.
Pick up the hammer from the top of the fireplace.
Use the putty-knife inside the fireplace, in the center.
Use hammer on putty-knife and then shake your device to open up the hole.
Inside the hole you will find the key.  Use it to open the door.

100 Doors Underground Level 8 Walkthrough
Moon and stars in the window

100 Doors Underground Stage 8 Solution
Below the three x 4-panel windows you will find the same number of square blocks.
Tap the blocks in the same position as the moon and stars.
If you tapped correctly you will find the key:

Use the key to unlock and solve level 8.

100 Doors Underground Level 9 Walkthrough
Rotating puzzle

100 Doors Underground Stage 9 Solution
Rotate all the puzzle pieces. 
Once correct, you will find the golden key in the bin on the lower right.
Take the golden key and unlock your way to room 10.

100 Doors Underground Level 10 Walkthrough
White sliding doors

100 Doors Underground Stage 10 Solution
Hint: Use 2 fingers

You need to slide the 2 doors open.
Because these are large heavy doors, you need to drag-and-slide each section with 2 fingers.
Once you slide the doors open, pick up the golden key from the table.
Use the golden key to unlock the door on stage 10.

There you go!
First 10 levels of 100 Doors Underground solved, completed, done and dusted!

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