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100 Exits Level 20 to 29 Walkthrough

100 Exits Walkthrough Levels 20 to 29
100 Exits Solutions for levels 20 to 29

All the answers, tips, cheats, guide, and solutions you need to solve this room-escape game.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 20
TV and Remote

100 Exits Solution Exit 20
Turn on the TV by pressing the red on button on the remote.
You will see snow on the TV.
You are on level 20, so tune the TV to station 20.
After about 11 seconds you will see the numbers 86 on the TV.

Tune to station 86.
Now wait 11 seconds and then you will see 36598 on the TV.

Tune to station 36598 and the door will open
Wait a few seconds before you exit and you might get a keycard from the TV.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 21
Towers of Hanoi

100 Exits Solution Exit 21
Your goal is to get all the rings on the left.
Here is the solution to solve this Tower of Hanoi problem:

Green to middle
Yellow to left
Green to left
Red to middle
Green to right
Yellow to middle
Green to middle
Blue to left
Green to left
Yellow to right
Green to right
Red to left
Green to middle
Yellow to left
Green to left

A key will fall down
Pick it up and use on the door to open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 22
Racing cars

100 Exits Solution Exit 22
You will see different colored cars zooming by.
Wait till you see the yellow car, then tap the yellow doorknob.
Door will open

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 23
Man Down

100 Exits Solution Exit 23
Shake your device about 20 times.
The painting will fall down.
Tap-drag the hammer from the wall. It will fall down.
Use the hammer and tap on the door, below the exit sign.
Keep on tapping and the door will start to crack.
Tap some more and the door will eventually open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 24

100 Exits Solution Exit 24
Move the whip to the right, under the OPEN sign.
Shake your device so that the whip whip the sign.
Shake a few more times and the whip will whip the sign to open the door.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 25
Knight on the chess board

100 Exits Solution Exit 25
Tap the knight.  You will see a white token.
If you tap correctly it will stay white.
Make an invalid move and it will turn red,  Start over.

You need to make knight moves (Shape of an L).
Go to #1 then to #2.
Door will open.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 26
Think Twice before you tap the Right Door

100 Exits Solution Exit 26
Tap the word THINK 2 times.
Then tap the RIGHT door.
Then tap the LEFT door.

Left door will open and you can exit level 26.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 27
Exit 27 Truck

100 Exits Solution Exit 27
Hint: 27 in Roman Numerals = XXVII
To get the truck out of the way, tap EXIT XXVII on the truck.
The truck will turn green and take off.
Now you can tap the door to exit level 27.

100 Exits Walkthrough Level 28
Paper Bin

100 Exits Solution Exit 28
Look at the arrow.  You will see from bottom to top = blue, yellow, green, red, white.
So look at these colors and read the word on it.  This is the order in which you need to throw the papers in the bin:


100 Exits Walkthrough Level 29
Up and Down arrow

100 Exits Solution Exit 29

This is a very annoying level.  I cannot get it right.  Searching for other walkthrough's advise that you need to tap the iPhone/iPad Home Key.  But I do not play on a iPhone.  The Home button on my Android does not seem to do the trick. Other solutions suggest tapping on the Adds.  This is silly. I am uninstalling 100 Exits. 

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  1. I felt exactly the same when playing level 29. When I started 100 Exits, it was a very refreshing experience as there are a lot of copy-cats door escape games. Unfortunately the developer decided to use these dirty tactics of using the "home" button that will cause you to exit the game. Very sad, but I will also uninstall a find a new door-escape game to play. Thank you for your guides.