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100 Crypts Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Crypts Walkthrough Levels 21 to 30

Here is the full walkthrough with detail solutions on how to solve levels 21 to 30 on 100 Crypts.  
100 Crypts is a room- or door escape game.  You need to solve each "crypt" by solving a puzzle.  You first need to figure out what is the situation about, as there are no instructions.  Hints are found all over, but sometimes you need to think outside the box to understand why/where/what and how!  If you struggle, then this guide will provide you with the answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and moves to solve every crypt.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 21
The Painting

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 21
To solve this painting, tap the pieces to rotate them to the correct orientation.

This is how the final picture will look:

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 22
spiderweb room

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 22
Shake your device so that the glass globe falls to the floor.
It will break and reveal a key.
Pick up the key and unlock the door to exit floor 22.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 23
Dark room with wooden beam locking the door

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 23
Tap the wooden beam.
As the beam rises, slice it in half with your finger
(drag your finger down)

Door 23 will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 24
On and Off

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 24
Hint: Green = ON, Left = ON, 1 = ON, T for True = ON

Top-Left should be ON (green = ON)
2nd row Right should be ON (Left arrow = ON)
3rd row Left should be ON (True = On)
Bottom row Right should be ON (1 = ON)

All the others must be off.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 25
Snake and Candles

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 25
Hint: Light the top and bottom candles as per the mini candles.

Look at the mini candles in the middle left.
Make this same pattern with the candles at the top.
Tap them to light, tap again to defuse.

Look at the mini candles on the right
Repeat this pattern with the bottom candles:

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 26

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 26
Swipe all the swords from handle to blade-tip.
Start left and work you way to the right.
(Start and finish with the vertical swords)

If you swipe correctly, the sword will flash.
If you continue correctly, all the swords will flash.
If you make a mistake, you have to start over.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 27
5 Bells

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 27
Tap all the bells in quick succession.
If you get all 5 to ring at the same time, then the door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 28
Star Door

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 28
Tap the light switch and have a look at the star formation.
It is Orion.
You need to light up all the starts according to the picture.
So, light all of them, except the 2 on the very left and the 1 on the very right.
Tap the light switch.
If correct, the door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 29
Skulls on the floor

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 29
Pull the sword to the left so the broom will fall to the floor.
Use the broom and make sweeping actions on the skulls
The skulls will disappear and reveal a key.
Pick up the key and use it on the door.
(Let go of the broom in order to pick up the key)

100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 30
Alchemy Class

100 Crypts Solutions Crypt 30
Take the ax from the top left.
Use the ax on the roses.  If you hit correctly there will be a sound / vibration.
Pull down the switch
(If the switch is stuck, use the axe on the roses a bit more)
If you pull down the switch, the shelf will shift to the left.

Take the key at the bottom right of the shelf.
Use the key on the door.

Level 30 Solved!

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