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100 Doors of revenge Level 80 to 87 Walkthrough

100 Doors of Revenge 
Walkthrough Level 80 to 87

100 Doors of Revenge 
Solutions for Level 80 to 87

Ah! An update for 100 Doors of Revenge has arrived bringing some new challenging levels to this very popular room-escape game.  Here then the guide with tips, tricks, cheats, and as usual the detailed solution with all the answers to solve and understand 100 Doors of Revenge.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 80
The planets

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 80
The hint above the door tells you from largest to smallest.

The planets on the left (from top to bottom)

The plants on the right (from top to bottom)

In order from largest to smallest: 
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Earth, Mars, Mercury

Tap them in this order and the door will open.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 81
Rock with hammer and chisels

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 81

You have 3 instruments to hit the rock.  Above the door is a graph that you need to follow.
The flat part is the normal hammer (top right). #H
The peak will be the dove-tail hammer (bottom left). #D
The trough will be the pointy-hammer (bottom right)  #P

Pick up the 3 hammers then use them on the rock according to the graph.
If you battle, follow my solution:

After each about 4 of 5 hits the rock will shrink a bit.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 82
Hearts Diamonds Clubs Print

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 82
You need to follow the sequence of arrows and shapes all the way to the heart.
Hint: the arrows are either left or right and you get them by dragging-and-dropping the diamond to the center.

So, start off by using the Diamond in the center.  Tap it so that it points LEFT.
the next arrow is also left, so tap PRINT
Next arrow is right, so tap the diamond to point right.  PRINT.
Now load the SPADE in the center, and tap it till it looks left.  PRINT.
Bring back the diamond for the arrows:
Load the HEART.  Make sure it face upright. PRINT.
Load the Diamond and face Right Print
Left, Print
Right, Print
Load the SPADE and make it look right. PRINT.
Load the Diamond.
Left Print
Right Print
Right Print
Load the heart and face it upside-down.  PRINT.

Door will open!

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 83
Two shelves with stuff

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 83
Hint: Spot the differences!
There are 5 missing items on the right.  Tap their position and the door will open.

As you tap them, they will appear.

From top down:
The hands of the clock.
The black book
The brown book
Angel wings

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 84
Finger Racing

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 84
This is an easy level.  Just drag with you finger the path from start to finish.
The path goes like this:
From start upwards, down-right, up, left, down, right.
You must drag continuously from start to finish.

Door will open.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 85
Wishing Well

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 85
Drag the rope from the well upwards.  Keep going until you see the box at the bottom of the rope.  Tap the box to take it.

Put the box on the bottom-right table.
Tilt your device to the left then pick up the sword that slide out.

Use the sword on the box.
The box will magically return the the well (??!)
Drag the rope again and pick up the box.
Use the sword again on the box.
Repeat one more time.
This time you will get a key from the box,

Pick up the key and use it to unlock the door.
Level 85 done!

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 86
4 gears

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 86
As per the picture on the door, you need to tap the gears starting top right, then bottom right, bottom left, top left.

The first clue is 1256
So tap the top right gear 1x
bottom right 2x
bottom left 5x
top left 6x

Then do the same with clue 1427

Now do 1427 again, then finish with 1256.

The keypad will appear.  Code is 12561427

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 87
Colorful lights

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 87
The order is yellow-red-blue-green
(You will see the order as you progress)

Wait until all the lights on the side turns grey.
Then tap all the yellow blocks.
Then wait untill all the lights are gray again.
Tap all the Reds.

Then do the same with Blue then Green.
(As you wait for the light to go grey, you will see how it hints what color you should tap).

If you did it in the right order, the door will open.

If you made a mistake, the center blocks will all turn grey and stay like that.  
So in this case reload the level and try again.


  1. Door 81 hammer on bottom left is peak not bottom right

    1. Thank you, Nick. I have corrected the typo in the solution.

  2. Level 81 won't work for me. I've done the pattern like 10 times, but the rock won't go away.

    1. Worked for me.
      Make sure you select each hammer from your inventory.
      Make sure you hit the rock and not the door.

      To make sure, I have tried the same pattern again and it still works.
      After the 4th hit - you will see the rock shrinks a bit. Does this happen for you?

  3. Levep 81 I did tried the pattern too but didn't work and not even shrinking. I select the right hammer from the inventory each time and I hit on the rock. What shall I do?

  4. The hammer which has the 'V' in it is the peak hammer.

    1. Help please. There are 2 hammers with a "V". The one has a V (dovetail) the bottom left hammer - with the top of the V on the left. The other one (hammer on bottom right) has the bottom point of the V on the left.

    2. When the graph shows '^' use the '=<' hammer (do you know what I mean?) When the graph shows 'v' use the '=>' hammer

  5. What is a solution of level 100

  6. Has anyone reached lvl 92? What do all of the geometrical forms have in common? Or is some calculus behind?

  7. 100 doors of revenge level 100, please

  8. Level 92 solution:
    Take the pot and fill it with water. Then put the pot (with the water) on the stove. Take the matchbox and light the fire on the stove (after you tab the round gas switch). The code to pass the level will appear in the mirror.

  9. Help with level 94 please

  10. door 85 is the most difficult... plz tell me the proper solution... this solution is not enough....