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100 Crypts Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Crypts Walkthrough  Level 11 to 20

Here is the full walkthrough with detail solutions on how to solve levels 11 to 20 on 100 Crypts.  100 Crypts is a room- or door escape game.  You need to solve each "crypt" by solving a puzzle.  You first need to figure out what is the situation about, as there are no instructions.  Hints are found all over, but sometimes you need to think outside the box to understand why/where/what and how!  If you struggle, then this guide will provide you with the answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and moves to solve every crypt.

Happy solving!

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 11
Tombstone and flowers

100 Crypts Solution level 11
There are 4 petals on the tombstone.
Yellow-green (on the left), Red (top), Brown-red (right) and Pink (bottom).

Count the number of yellow-green flowers (3) then tap the yellow-green petal 3 times.
You will see some sparks when you reach the correct number.

Count the number of red flowers (4) so tap the red petal 4 times.

Count the number of brown-red flowers (4) and tap the brown-red petal 4 times.

Count the number of pink flowers (4) and tap the pink petal 4 times.

Door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 12
Candles and pentagon

100 Crypts Solution level 12
The 3 set of candles are in the wrong position.
Shake your device until the candles fall to the floor.

Now, drag the 3 candles to their correct position.
The single candle to position I
The duel-candle to position II
The triplet-candle to position III

Door will open and level 12 will be solved.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 13
Throne for the King

100 Crypts Solution level 13
Tap the four symbols at the top of the throne in the correct order.
If you tap correctly they will light up.
The hint to the order is lower down on the throne.

First tap the top left, then bottom right, then top right, 
then lastly the bottom left.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 14
Crate on a chain

100 Crypts Solution level 14
Hold down the switch until the crate is on the floor.
Pick up the oil lamp and use it on the crate to burn it away.

Crate will disappear and door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 15
Green Signs

100 Crypts Solution level 15
Look at the color hint top left of the door.
Change the 5 panels on the door to match this color scheme.

Top: red and yellow
Middle: orange
Bottom: blue and green

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 16

100 Crypts Solution level 16
Drag the cobras into the correct baskets.
The 2 gray cobras into the gray basket on the left.
The copper cobras to the basket on the right.
If you drag a cobra to the wrong basket, you will have to restart.

IF correct, the door will open.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 17
6 Matching Objects

100 Crypts Solution level 17
You need to match the 6 items on the floor with the items on the door.
Drag the item from the floor to the space next to the item on the door.

Hourglass goes to the left of the clock.
Shield goes to the left of the ax
Single skull goes to the left of the 3 skulls
Goblet goes to the right of the golden cross
Gold coin goes to the right of the crown
Cobra goes to the right of the basket.

Door will open!

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 18

100 Crypts Solution level 18
Tap the green, red, and yellow buttons until the clock picture is correct.
Yellow button will change the face on the inside (Orient the face correctly)
Red will change the hair, horns, and beard. (Horns should be at the top)
The green button change the roman numbers of the clock (XII should be top)

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 19
9 Dials

100 Crypts Solution level 19
You need to rotate the 5 dials in the center picture the correct number of times.

The top dial is the hint for the center dial.  Look at the number at the bottom (1).  
So turn the center dial once.

For the other 4 dials, look at the bottom number on the dials directly below them on the floor.
From left to right, tap the dials: 5, 3, 8, 2 times

They will shine when correct.

100 Crypts Walkthrough  level 20
Skeleton parts

100 Crypts Solution level 20
Rebuild the skeleton

Start with the rib-cage and attach just under the skull.
(I struggled a bit to select it, but eventually got it right)
The 2 arms attach at the top of the rib-cage.
The 2 legs attach at the bottom left and right.

Door will open once the rib-cage, 2 arms, and 2 legs are attached.

Well done!
Levels 1 to 20 completed of 100 Crypts.


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