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Grow Cannon Walkthrough

Grow Cannon Walkthrough adventure.  Here is some tips & hints with the full build order that will help you solve the eyezmaze game - Grow Cannon.   Play Grow Cannon adventure puzzle game here.

The man is sleeping.  It is your task to wake him up using the cannon.  Unfortunately the cannon cannot shoot all the way to the sleeping man... you need to make a better plan!

You use a cannon that can shoot 10x and you select the distance for each shot.

Hints:  This is the final maxed positions:




Grow Cannon Build Order:  (The numbers below indicate the position where you need to shoot with 1= the closest to the cannon)

4 - Shoot to the rock next to the tree to make it night and reveal the day/night switch lever.

5 - Shoot the dirt patch to get the purple flower.

6 - Shoot the pond.  The pond creature will eat the flower and turn into a dragon.

4 - Shoot the lever to change to daylight.  The dragon will fall asleep.

3 - Shoot just left of the tree.  This will build a track and bring the train.  The train driver will break off the lever.

4 - Shoot the train driver.   He will think it was the dragon, then attach the dragon - turn the dragon into bones.

1 - Shoot close to get the big foot bone to join the other bones.

2 - Shoot a bit further to get the small foot bone to join up with the other bones.  Now you have a proper foot.

3 - Shoot the train to make it bigger.   And as a bonus you will get a big bomb.

5 - Shoot the foot.  The ball will run off into the hole, and push a little mouse out at the other side.

Watch the animation... You have awoken the sleeping man and he made it to the church in time!

Well done on solving Grow Cannon.  Congratulations.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough build order.


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