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Olden Ship Escape Walkthrough

Olden Ship escape walkthrough solution.  This is your step-by-step full walkthrough with detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this will be your guide and inspiration to get unstuck and escape alive from the ship.  Tips, tricks, and help provided in this walkthrough with screen-prints of all the major areas.

About Olden Ship Escape:  Olden ship escape is another new point and click room escape game from games2rule.  You are trapped in a olden ship.  The door to the ship is locked.  You want to escape from there by finding useful objects, and hints.  Find the right way to escape from the olden ship.  Good luck and have fun.  You can play Olden Ship Escape from this link.

This is a medium difficult escape game and will take you probably more than an hour to solve.

Olden Ship Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the ship's lounge:

Pick up the blue triangle from the floor.
Take the triangular piece form the couch on the right.
Take the red triangle from under the left couch.
Take the yellow triangle from the chair on the left.
Take the knife from the table.
Take the hammer from under the chair on the right.
Open the brown book on the floor.  Notice the colors and numbers:

9 light blue
1 yellow
0 pink
7 green
5 dark blue
4 red

Zoom in on the table lamp
Switch it on
Cut open on the line on the chair by using the knife.

Take the square piece from the cut.

Zoom in on the bookcase
Take the pink, orange, blue and green books.
In the middle right shelf you need to move 2 books to get the green triangle.

Open the pink book and get the double-S shape.

Move the flowers on the green bench.
Take the Y/triangle shape.

Behind the stairs on the left is a shape.

Zoom in on the circles puzzle on the wall, above the green bench where you moved the flower pot.
Move each circle to its correct spot

Take the green & gold piece.

Zoom in on the lever on the left of the table.

Pull the lever.
The lights in the ceiling will start flashing a bit.
Click all the flashing ones to stop them.
When you have stopped them all you will get a shape from the center:

Zoom in on the bookcase
Insert the books from your inventory (except the pink one) back into the bookcase at the big gap middle left shelf.  One they are in you will get a red book.  Put this red book in as well.  You will notice the middle left and bottom left books are now the same:

Take the shape.

Zoom in on tall the circular windows around the room.
Tap the small circle to get a number
Adjust the big circle to match the color of this number, according to the clue from the book on the floor:

Behind one of the circles you will find another shape.

When you have completed all the circular puzzles, you will get this one:

Take the propeller shape.

Zoom in on the right-side lever on the table
Insert the 4 color triangular pieces:

Take the shape

Zoom in on the flower pot on the right
Use the hammer to smash it

Take the circle shape.

Zoom in on the side of the cabinet to see the color order: red, green, pink, yellow:

Zoom in on the color pattern on the table
Press red green pink yellow (order of the colors on the side of the cabinet)
You will get the clue 12:45

Zoom in on the clock on the device, bottom left side.
Adjust the time to 12:45 (hint: it is not easy to see which arm is the hour and which the minute.  If there is no action after setting the time, swap the 2 arms around)
This will open up the front panel:

We will come back later to solve this puzzle.

Zoom in on the light blue square screen on the left side.
Insert the 4 shapes at the top:

Insert the shapes that you picked up:

You will get the hatch codes: 387426

Zoom in on the silver hatch lower right side.
Enter the code 387426.


Take the color shapes:  green rectangle, yellow square, red figure-of-8, blue moon, orange triangle, white circle, red circle.

Go up.
Zoom in on the blue circle with the different shapes outlined.

Insert the different shapes.
Once all are in, the door will open and you will escape!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful walkthrough. Some tricky bits there! Well done on solving it... this is the only available walkthrough I could find at the time of writing. Well done. I have now escaped from the olden ship.