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WOW Holiday Room Escape Walkthrough

WOW Holiday Room Escape Walkthrough solution - your step by step walkthrough solution to help you solve this point-and-click room escape game.  I will give you tips, tricks, detailed explanations and screen prints in this guide.  If you are stuck, then I will show you how!  Play wow holiday room escape game here.  This is a rather difficult escape game and will probably take you more than an hour to solve.

ABOUT WOW Holiday Room Escape:  Wow Holiday Room Escape is another new point and click escape game developed by wowescape.com. During this festive season you are out of city for celebrating the holidays and staying in a beautiful resort. But after one night you found yourself locked in your room. There is no one near to help you out. It's a great challenge for you. Apply your logic and find some useful objects and hints to escape from the room. Good Luck Have Fun!

WOW Holiday Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:
You start your escape from the lounge:

Move the bottom right chair and take the blue bottle.
Take the blue bottle in the top right quadrant on the floor.
Notice the number 941 on the bottom right chair.
Move the pink/orange round carpet and take the flower.

Take the 2 protective covers from the couch.
Hang these 2 covers on the hooks above the couch.  Now you can take the beetle.
Use the beetle on the drum on the right, then see the code OBG:

Take the flower from the couch.

Take the left pink shoe from the wall on the left.
Take the orange butterfly.  Notice the number 4 on it.

Zoom in on the table in the center.
Take the silver wire from the base.
Take the red mug.
Take the apple.

Move the drum on the left of the fireplace, and take the star button.
Take a pine cone from the container right of this drum.
Take a mushroom from the window above the drum.

There is a blue triangle button hidden above the door on the right.
Tap the darker part of the wall above the door.
Take the blue triangle button.

Zoom into the area above the left-side door.
Insert the 3 buttons:

Take the flower capsule.

Tap the ceiling plank above the fireplace to find a hidden knife.

Use the knife to cut open the torn center of the couch.  (the hot spot is small, so keep trying)
Take the drum stick.

Go outside.

Take the blue bottle from the floor.
Take a worm from the plant on the bottom left.
Switch on the lamp on the table.   Zoom in to see the code 776 on the lamp.

The lamp will also attract a butterfly.  Take the green butterfly and notice the number 7 on it.

Move the lamp on the shelf then take the mushroom.
Take a red mug from the small table at the fence.
Take a mushroom from the plant in the bottom right corner.

Zoom into the pot plant top right at the water.
Throw the flower capsule on it to get a flower.

Open the bottom locked drawer with the code 941 (code written on chair in lounge).

Take the mug.

Go back to the lounge.
Open the secret compartment in the couch with the code 776 (written on the lamp)

Take the yellow triangle button.

Go back outside

Zoom onto the 4 frames on the wall on the left.
Insert the 3 mugs, 3 blue bottles, 3 flowers, 3 mushrooms:

The bottom compartment will open.
Take the fishing pole from it.

Zoom in on the fishing pole.
Add the silver wire for a hook
Add the worm for bait.

Use the fishing rod on the water to fish.  You need to stand with the full room view (not zoomed into the water).  The hot spot is in the middle on the right side.
Zoom in on the rod, then take the fish.

Go back inside.

Place the fish in the cat bowl
The cat will walk over and you will see the code ZRP.

Open the door with the code ZRP


Take the blue butterfly and notice the number 5 on it.

Take a worm from the small bed-side table.
Go outside and fish with the fishing rod, same as previously.  Take the fish.

Go back inside and to the bedroom.

Place the apple in the hole above the right window.
You will see the code 666 on the lamp:

Go outside and open the top drawer with the code 666

Take the honey.

Go back to the bedroom

Put the pine corn in the hole above the left window
Insert the drum stick in the window
Insert the shoe in the hole below the center window
Insert the fish in the center.
Place the honey on the right:

Use the numbers from the butterflies for the next code.  The order is Orange, Blue, Green (from the OBG on the drum).  This will give you 457.
Use this code at the top combination:

Count the yellow bars:  there are 19.

Go outside.
Open the locker on the right with the code 19:

Take the golden key.

Go back inside and open the front-door with this key.
Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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