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Escape from Kidnappers Walkthrough

Escape from Kidnappers Walkthrough solution.  Full step-by-step walkthrough to guide you to safety.  Help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations provided with screen-prints.  If you are stuck in this point-and-click room escape game, then this guide will get you out... alive!  Escape from Kidnappers game is the 504th escape game from 123bee.com.  You can play the game here.

Escape from Kidnappers Walkthrough starts here:
Your game starts in the kidnapper's lounge:

Take the violet coin underneath the book on the coffee table.
Open the black drawer and take the combination code inside.

Go right to the pink bedroom:

Take the red coin from the book case on the table next to the far-side of the bed.
Look at the decoration hanging from the ceiling:

Notice there are 5 diamonds.  (Hint: You have to zoom in. Otherwise the solution later will not work).

Go right to the brown bedroom:

Open the top cupboard above the closet and take the yellow coin.

Zoom in and look at the pink decoration above the bed:

Notice the are 3 triangles hanging.   (Hint: You have to zoom in. Otherwise the solution later will not work).

Go right to the kitchen:

Take the green coin from between the kitchen recipe books, very right side.

Look at the blue and white decoration:

Notice there are 4 circles.  (Hint: You have to zoom in. Otherwise the solution later will not work).

Zoom on on the grey circle puzzle on white back of the cupboards.
Insert the 4 color coins:

Notice the arrows and the numbers:
Up = 3, right = 6, down = 9, left = 8.

Go all the way left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the black combination-lock-drawer
Look carefully and you will see arrows below each digit.

The arrows from left to right:
Up, down, right, left, up.

So the code will be 39683.

Take the paper and 2 black triangle pieces.

Read the paper:

You will see a baby sleeps with the "hang man" type game D _ _ _ m
The solution will be: DREAM.

Open the combination lock in your inventory with the code DREAM:

Take the key.

Go to the pink bedroom.
Unlock the drawer left-side of the bed.

Take the compass and the brown puzzle box.

Zoom in on the compass.
Take the key inside.

Go to the brown bedroom.
Open the drawer next to the bed using the key.

Take the brown combination lock box.

Zoom in on the combination lock box.
Notice above each digit is a shape.
You will have the answer already from the decorations. 345
Open the box with the code 345 (hint: if it does not work, then you probably did not zoom in one all 3 of the decorations?)

Take the stone and 2 shape pieces.

Zoom in on the brown puzzle box
Insert the stone at the top left of the indentation.
Click to the right of the stone to make it move.
The stone will run down the zig-zags and open the lock:

Take the compass and the paper.

Zoom in on the compass and take the golden key.

Go to the brown bedroom.
Open the the lock cupboard on the left using the golden key:

Take the 2 black triangle shapes.

Zoom in on the paper and look at the pattern:

Go to the kitchen
Zoom in on the back pattern on the cupboard.
Insert the black triangles as per the paper clue:
1. Insert bottom left:

2. Top
3. Bottom right.

4. Top left
5. Top right
6. Bottom.

Take the compass.

Look at the 3 compasses and notice the needle points to:
10, 20, 30

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the blue circlular puzzle on the door.
Tap the blue buttons at 10, 20 and 30.
They will turn green and if correct the center will flash
(hint: if this does not happen, did you zoom in on all 3 compasses?)

Hit the center green button!
The door will open
and you will escape!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my Escape from Kidnappers Game Walkthrough!

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