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Mary Christmas Hall Escape Walkthrough

Mary Christmas Hall Escape Walkthrough Solution.  Full step by step guide to help you solve the mystery of the Christmas Hall.   Merry Christmas Hall Escape is another point and click room escape game. A little girl locked himself in a Christmas Hall and has to escape. Make her to escape using the clues and objects in the room. Good luck and have fun!   If you are stuck, then this walkthrough will help you to escape... alive!  You can play the game here.

Mary Christmas Hall Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the pink hall:

Take the left burning torch on the wall.
Take the lamp cover of the lamp on the left table.
Zoom in on the lamp on the right, then put the lamp cover on:

You will get the code green, blue, red.

Zoom in on the table on the left where you took the lamp cover.
Change the 3 white blocks to green, blue, red.
Take the candle.

Look at the ceiling lamp.
Move the golden part to get the code 66:

Zoom in on the bookcase on the left wall.
Change both numbers to 6 (as per the clue from the ceiling lamp)

Take the white wizard hat.

Go left to the fireplace room:

Zoom in on the golden pot in the top right corner.
Dip the wizard hat in.

Take the candle.

Open the right door of the pink cupboard (bottom right).  Take the green spray.

Zoom in on the brown set of drawers.
Open top left drawer and take the golden key.

Zoom in on the fire place.
Use the green spray to kill the fire.

Take the silver key.

Use the silver key to unlock the left door of the pink cupboard
Take the candle inside.

Go right.
Use the golden key to unlock the drawer under the burning lamp

Take the knife.

Go left
Zoom in on the pink couch.
Use the knife to cut open the left pillow:

Take the key inside.

Use this key to open the top right drawer in the brown set of drawers.
Take the candle inside.

Zoom in on the shelve at the mirror
Put the 4 candles on the shelf
Use the torch to light the candles

You will get the code 4546

Zoom in on the brown set of drawers
Open the locked drawer with the code 4546

Take the key

Go right.
Zoom in on the front door
Open the door with this key

Well done on a great escape!
Mary Christmas!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough for Christmas Hall Escape.

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