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100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough - Levels 1 to 10

100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough. 100 Inferno Escape Solution.
Levels 1 to 10

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve each level of the point-and-click room escape game 100 Inferno.  Detailed explanations, tips, tricks, hints, and screen-prints provided.  If you are stuck, then this walkthrough will assist you to get through the level.

100 Inferno Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

Floor 1 is a very simple level.  The solution:  Tap the elevator button where Zeus is pointing.
Enter the lift doors and you will escape to level 2.

100 Inferno Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Floor 2 is the music notes floor.
Move the pot on the lower right side.  You will see a hidden button behind it.  Tap this button and the doors will open.  Floor 2 solved!

100 Inferno Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

Floor 3 is the tree room with the pentagon.
Pick up the blue pentagon shape from the floor.
Use this shape on the pentagon image on the door.
The doors will open and floor 3 is done.

100 Inferno Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

Floor 4 is the "shake-it" floor.
Shake your device to open the door. Hint:  I found the best results by shaking the device up-and-down.

100 Inferno Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Floor 5 is on fire!
Pick up the hammer-axe.
Use the hammer-axe to break the glass where the fire extinguisher is housed.
Take the fire extinguisher.
Use the fire extinguisher to kill the fire.  I had to use it 3 times to put the fire out.
Doors will open and you have solved floor 5.

100 Inferno Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Floor 6 is the black cauldron room.
Take the big hammer.
Use the hammer and smash all the bottles on the shelf.
When all the bottles are smashed, the doors will open. Floor 6 solved!

100 Inferno Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Floor 7 is the fan and clock room.
Move the fan to the right.  You do this by tapping the fan a couple of times.
Once the fan is out of the way, you will see a green cuckoo bird.
Take the bird then place him in the cuckoo clock.
The doors will open and floor 7 will be done and dusted!

100 Inferno Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Floor 8 is the bug room.
Pick up the broom.
Use the broom to kill the bug.  Do this about 5 times and the doors will open.
Floor 8 solved.

100 Inferno Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Floor 9 is the blue carpet with city skyline floor
Tap the blue carpet and while it moves up, drag the flashlight out.
Drag the torch to shine on the ghost... The ghost will be in the dark area close to the right edge, about halfway from the top.  You will see a white little ghost flashing there.
Once the flashlight shines on the ghost, the doors will open to solve floor 9.

100 Inferno Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

Floor 10 is lots of colored balls.
Drag all the balls and drop them off in the correct colored circle hanging on the wall.
If you make a mistake, all the balls will drop down to the floor and you have to restart.
One they are all in the correct circle, the doors will open.
First 10 floors of 100 Inferno Escape completed.

Well done!

To continue to the walkthrough for the other levels, go here.

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