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Bloons Tower Defense 5 Walkthrough for all the Beginner Levels

Here is a fail-safe walkthrough that will help you beat all the beginner levels on Bloons Tower Defense 5 on the HARD setting.  The strategy will need some tweaking to work for the intermediate, advanced, and expert levels.  This is but one possible strategy to win Bloons Tower Defense on Hard.  I do not use any abilities, farms, or super monkeys.   My solution here is based on the Android version.  For Windows and other platforms, my Bloons TD5 strategy will work very much the same, but there could be some slight differences as I have not tested outside of Android.  Get the Android Bloons TD5 from the Play Store here.

I have played a couple of co-op online games and then realized that a lot of players play this tower defense game without any strategy at all.  They just build and break at random.  Not knowing what works and how to defend to be ready for the next level.

I have tested this strategy successfully on all the beginner levels that were available at the time of posting (monkey lane, 3 times around, north pole, patch, maze, fireworks, brick wall, z factor, park path, the rink, roswell, and space truckin.)

Use the below build order and guide.  I will use the screen-prints on the monkey lane board.  To simplify this walkthrough, I have only built towers in between rounds.

Round 1:  Build a Dart Monkey.    Place the dart monkey close to the start.  The optimal location will be where this same dart monkey can target the track much later on again.   This is a good location for monkey lane: (Hint: click on the picture to zoom in)

Upgrade the dart monkey to Long Range Darts, Enhanced Eyesight, and Sharp Shots.

Round 2: Upgrade your dart monkey to Razor Sharp Shots.

Round 4 end: Upgrade your dart monkey to Triple Darts.

Round 12 end: Place a Sniper Monkey. For now, this monkey will take car of anything that tried to escape.    I placed it here, but you can place it anywhere as its range will be the full screen.

Upgrade the Sniper to Full Metal Jacket and Faster Firing.

Round 24 end: Build a Monkey Village.  You need to place it so that it covers your glue gunner, and there must be space around it to build cover a couple of Bomb Towers.
I placed it here:

Build a Glue Gunner.   The placing is very important.  You need to place it close to the start, have a big open area - we need space to place a monkey village with lots of towers next to it - and it must cover some track further down.  This is where I place it in Monkey Lane:

Upgrade the glue gunner:  Glue Soak, Corrosive Glue, Stickier Glue.   Change the glue gunner so that it target strong.

Round 25 end: Upgrade the Monkey Village to Monkey Beacon.  This will increase the attach range.
Round 27 end: Upgrade the Monkey Village to Monkey Fort.
Round 32 end: Upgrade the sniper to Night Vision Goggles.  He can now detect and shoot camo balloons. (Hint: This is needed for round 33 with a group of Camo bloons.  The single dart monkey sometimes are not strong enough to take them all out).

Round 33 end: Upgrade the Glue Gunner to Glue Splatter.

Round 36: Upgrade the Monkey Village to Radar Scanner.  This is important so that the towers under the village can take out camo balloons.

Round 38: Build a Bomb Tower under the cover of the Monkey Village.

Upgrade the Bomb Tower: Extra Range, Frag Bombs, Cluster Bombs, Bigger Bombs.  Target First.  In Round 39, upgrade the tower to Missile Launcher.

Round 41 end: Upgrade the Bomb Tower to Bloon Impact.

Round 42 end: Build a Bomb Tower, also under the shade of the Monkey Village.  Hint: If you are not sure if it is under cover, have a look at the range of the tower.  The range will drop when you move too far away from the village.  Upgrade this tower to Extra Range, Frag Bombs, Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher.  Set to attack Strong.

Round 43 end: Upgrade this new Bomb Tower to MOAB Mauler.

Round 45 end: Build another Bomb Tower, same as the previous one.  Remember to set to attack Strong.
This configuration will be strong enough to take out the blue MOAB balloon that will attach you in round 46.

Round 46 end: Upgrade the Monkey Village to Jungle Drums.  This will increase the attack speed.

Round 48 end: Upgrade the Glue Gunner to Bloon Dissolver.

Round 49 end: Build a Bomb Tower at the Village.  This one I place so that it covers the furthest away track - but still under cover from the Village.  Upgrade Extra Range, Frag Bombs, Cluster Bombs, Bloon Impact, Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher.  Target first.

Round 50 end: Build a Bomb Tower and upgrade to MOAB Mauler with Target Strong.    (Upgrade Extra Range, Frag Bombs, Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher and MOAB Mauler).  Build at the Village.

Round 52 end:  Build another MOAB Mauler tower as the previous.
Round 54 end: Build another MOAB Mauler tower as the previous.
Round 55 end: Build another MOAB Mauler tower as the previous.

This is what we have now:

Now, keep on building MOAB Maulers as above as soon as you have enough money.
When you have 8 MOAB Maulers, then build another Bloon Impact with target first.  This tower will really help when the big field of ceramics and camo's attack.

At the end of Round 70, I had 13 MOAB Mauler- and 3 Bloon Impact Bomb Towers, all under the Monkey Village.

No more space for towers under the Village.   So, now you can start another Monkey Village and only need to build MOAB Maulers.  You need a couple more to solve the last Hard Round (Round 85).  Upgrade the Monkey Village same as the other one - you will appreciate the Radar Scanner in Round 82!  So, upgrade Monkey Beacon, Monkey Fort, Radar Scanner, and Jungle Drums.

At the end of Round 80:  I am almost ready for the final level!

Round 84 is a tough one.  Some balloons almost made it!  The far-end Bloon Impact Bomb Tower did it for me.

Round 85... a bit easier than 84!  No match for my towers.  I won before this big green machine go half-way.

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough for Bloons Tower Defense 5.
Please comment bellow and share your experience, tips, tricks, and help.


  1. Thank you, Andre. Exactly the walk trough I needed. Most people rely on the Super Monkey, Farms, and Abilities to win on Hard. Glad you show how real men solve Bloons Tower Defense! Please can you show us how to solve the intermediate levels?

    1. Real men don't play these childish games.

    2. i got to lvl 66 with only dart monkeys 4/2 and 2/4....lol

  2. This walkthrough is amazing! Helped me a lot, thx.

  3. Totally didn't work at all.

  4. You obviously did it wrong.

  5. This helped meeee! to lvl 38.

  6. it is quite easy to win on beginner levels. i usually start with ninja monkey upgraded to 3/1. and then i set up monkey village near it. I put monkey apprentice to 2/0 set to attack strong against lead. I upgrade ninja to max and apprentice to 3/1. then I have choice to spam ninja 4/2 with or helicoptor/super/airplane to max power. You can also go max boomerang, or any kind of towers, with enough (2 or 3) crowd control (cannon 4/2, ninja 2/3, glue, ice, apprantice 3/2.) it is good to get 4/1 sniper monkey as it really helps against blimps.

  7. this is rubbish you idiot

  8. Got to lvl 68 it was ok but...

  9. Thanks for Sharing! I want to share Wearable Game. Burj Builder It is a superb, physics-based tower building game - only people with quickfire building skills need apply.

  10. Worked every time for me!

  11. For everyone saying this doesn't work... Just did it and got to round 89, so you must be doing something wrong

  12. This got me to 27. If you think this is good.....

  13. I got to round 79, I think I probably did something wrong though so I'm gonna try again. Other than that, good walkthrough

  14. Anyone know how to get past round 88? I just can't seem to do it no matter what I try.

    1. It is very easy. The hint is the BANANA FARM. If you have a few 4/2 they will give you enough money to make Temples of the Monkey God (Super Monkey, last upgrade left). At the first rounds you may use Ninjas and Wizards (with Camo detection). For the first MOABs, BFBs you can use Cannons (2,3) as well as snipers (2,3 or 3,2) both targetted to strong. The spike factory is very useful in popping leaking bloons. I hope I could help you. If you need more detailled information let me know.

    2. Like someone else said, banana farms will help you a lot. I used this basic strategy and started adding and slowly upgrading Banana farms around level 50. I was able to get many more Canon towers. I also added 3 super monkeys. I got to level 101 and quit.

  15. I just used it to go to 105 on freeplay mode thanks--;) and not just men play BTD5.

  16. my name is jacob dyer and i live in bristol. it is fantastic. i sound like barnaby bear. i like barnaby bear. one time he went to france. i went to france. but some kid burnt my neck. i didnt like it.

  17. You can't do ANYTHING without farms

  18. You can do a lot, but it's pretty hard without farms there to support you. And yes, this guide seems pretty bad, but it should probably work.

  19. Died at round 27.

  20. To those who say it didnt work, make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Upgrades,positions and all because i beat it on hard mode thanks to this, so i dont know what you all did wrong.

  21. this is exactly how NOT to win hard on all maps

    1. It's worked for me on 2 different maps following the instructions to a T. On another I loosely used this strategy and added some farms around 50,and eventually a couple super monkeys, and got to level 101.

  22. I got to level 92. I also created another sun god at the end of the game. I could have kept going all you have to do basically is mass the moab maulers and money villages with upgrades. Also i noticed that his levels are a little off...so if your sitting there with 1k and the guide says wait a few round to purchase something..just purchase it and start upgrading. with a few very minor tweaks this strategy does work. I also had to purchase a few road spikes on a few occasions

  23. Your reliance on bomb towers is just sad. If you're going for moab focussed towers, at least go for something like spike factories. You can easily set up 4 or more spike factories with the moab shredder spikes for the amount of money you're wasting on those bomb towers. Put them in the middle (out of reach of the ceramic bloons) and they will kill pretty much every moab that reaches them without a problem. In fact, you should easily have enough money left to get an unupgraded super monkey and a banana farm (to upgrade the super monkey) if you do that.