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Christmas Party Escape Walkthrough

Christmas Party Escape Walkthrough - the full step by step solution to the point-and-click room escape game.  If you are stuck, then this guide will help you escape.  Tips, tricks, hints, and detailed explanations provided.  This is a medium-easy room escape game and should take you less than 40 minutes to complete.

About Christmas Party Escape: The 507th escape game from 123bee.com. It’s Christmas Eve. I hurried to my friend’s home along the busy snowy streets for celebration. When I entered the home with gifts, no one is there. When I tried to open the door, it has jammed. There's something scary about the air inside the room. I have to escape before something happens terribly.  Play the windows version free here.

After the Merry Christmas message next to the snowman...

Christmas Party Escape walkthrough starts here:
You start the escape from the lounge.

Pick up the pink crayon next the the presents on the lounge floor.
Take the candy from the lime-green present box on the floor.
Take the pink Christmas-tree-decoration ball from the coffee table.

Take 3 Christmas Socks hanging on the wall on the top left.
Zoom in on one of the socks, add the others.

Take the 3 stars.

Open the drawer on the shelf against the right wall.  Take a white crayon.

Go right to the red bedroom.

Open the blue present box on the bed.  Take a candy from the box.
Zoom in on the green circular Christmas laurel decoration on the wall.  Take 2 blue decoration balls.
Zoom in on the box of pencils on the desk. Take the green crayon.
Take the gingerbread man hanging on the wall.

Zoom in on the brown cupboard puzzle door.
Move the bottom pieces to the top to spell X-MAS

Open the cupboard and take the paper.

Open the top desk drawer and take a red decoration ball.

Go right to the blue bedroom.

Take the purple decoration ball from the red carpet.
Move the red bag on the carpet, then take the orange decoration ball.
Move the Christmas party hat from the bed and take the white decoration ball.
Open the yellow Christmas present box on the bed, take the candy bar inside.
Open the drawer in the top left corner.  Take the yellow crayon.
Open the right-side bed drawer using the 3 colored stars.  Take the tree lights inside.

Zoom in on the angel picture above the bed.

Notice the colors.

Go right to the kitchen.

Open the red present box on the table, take the candy inside.
Take the blue decoration ball from the table.
Open the purple present box on the counter top. Take a candy inside.
Take the gingerbread woman hanging on the wall.
Take the blue crayon from the drawer.
Take a red decoration ball from the top left cupboard.
Take a red decoration ball from the top right cupboard.

Zoom in on the paper in your inventory.
Use the crayons to color in the picture as per the angel in the frame. (Hint: If you fail to color it in, you probably did not zoom in on the angel in the frame above the bed, or you are using the wrong color crayon on the wrong part of the angel)

When you are done, take the Christmas Tree Star from the angel.

Go to all the way left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the small Christmas tree in the corner.
Add the 10 decoration balls.
Add the 5 candy bars.
Hang the gingerbread man and -woman.
Add the light.
Add the star

Well done on a great escape!
Merry Christmas!

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