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Color Puzzle House Escape Walkthrough

Color Puzzle House Escape Walkthrough Solution!  Full step-by-step guide to help you solve the Color Puzzle House Escape game.  This is a windows point-and-click based room escape game.  You can play this adventure game here.

About Colour Puzzle House Escape:  The 502th escape game from 123bee.com. Hey acquaintance! Here a nail-biting escape game for you. I love challenges. Every day ends up with a challenging adventure and the victory is always mine. And now, today’s challenge is to escape from this room, before the landlord’s arrival. I am ready for the adventure, are you ready to guide me guys……?  This is a medium easy escape game and should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.  If you are stuck, then this walkthrough will assist you to escape.

Color Puzzle House Escape walkthrough starts here:
You start your escape from the lounge:

Pick up the red puzzle piece from the floor in the lower left corner.
Move the pillow on the furthest of the green chairs, then take the square cube piece.
Zoom in on the lazy chair, move the pillow, and take the green puzzle piece.
Move the book on the floor, take the yellow puzzle piece

Zoom in on the clocks above the green chairs.
Notice the times are all 10 pass 10:

Go right to the brown bedroom.

Take the red puzzle piece from the wall on the right.
Take the green triangular puzzle piece from the low shelf on the right.

Zoom in on the wall clock.
Set the clock to 10 pass 10:

Notice the 2 colors where the clock's hands are pointing: pink and grey

Go right to the blue bedroom

Open the drawer under the monitor and take the paper.  Read the paper and see 3 triangles pointing up, down, up.

Take the red square cube puzzle piece from the lower shelf top right corner.
Take the green puzzle piece from the middle shelf on the left.
Take a trophy from the shelf above the bed
Zoom in on the trophy and take the yellow puzzle piece inside.

Open the left bed-side drawer and take a piece of paper.
Read this paper:

Red + blue = purple
Blue + yellow = green
Yellow + red = orange

Go left to the brown bedroom
Zoom in on the puzzle drawer, lower left corner.
Solve the puzzle as per the previous clue - align the colors to make the outside ring colors.  (Hint: if the drawer does not open, then swap the inner and outer circle colors.  I had it: Blue in inner circle + red in outer circle = purple).  If nothing works here, then you probably did not first read the paper clue?

Take 2 yellow puzzle pieces.

Go right to the blue bedroom, then right again to the kitchen

Take the blue triangular puzzle piece from the top shelf in the top left corner.
Take the blue circle puzzle piece from the shelf on the left wall, close to you.
Open the lower left cupboard door.   Take the puzzle box.

Zoom in on the puzzle box
Open it by turning the triangles as per the paper clue:  up, down, up:

Take the 2 blue puzzle pieces.

Zoom in on the piggy's on the shelf.
Notice the numbers:

yellow = 8, red = 5, blue = 2, lime = 6

Open the cupboard with the 2 color buttons.
Change to pink and grey as per the clock clue:

Take the 2 green puzzle pieces.

Go left to the blue bedroom.
Zoom in on the color combination locked drawer top right corner.
Change the code to 5682 (clue from the piggies)

Take the 2 blue puzzle pieces.

Zoom in on the puzzle painting above the bed
Add the 5 shaped puzzle pieces

Take the 2 red puzzle pieces.

Zoom in on a puzzle piece
Add all the other pieces:

Red square 2
Yellow circle 4
Green heart 8
Blue star 7

Go left to the brown bedroom
Open the locked cupboard with the combination 2487

Take the silver key.

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom on on the locked door
Use the silver key to unlock and escape!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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