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Club House Escape Walkthrough

Club House Escape Walkthrough. Club House Escape Solution.  Full walkthrough with all the steps to guide you through this point and click room escape game.   I will provide tips, tricks, help, and detailed explanations to the puzzles in this walkthrough.  This is an easy escape game that should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

About Club House Escape: The 501th escape game from 123bee.com. Just imagine, your friend took you to a country side club house. You had great time over there and consumed lot of alcohol. Due to hangover, you went unconscious. When you awake, you realized that no one is there in the house and you got trapped inside this house. All you have to do is to escape from the house in the logical way!!!  Play the game here.

Club House Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start this escape game in the sitting room.

Take the kaleidoscope from the couch.
Zoom in on the kaleidoscope.  Turn the front panels to so to orientate the picture.
Open the top, then take the roll-up toolbox.

Zoom in on the toolbox
Notice the number 892 next to the red circle:

Take the blue piece from the shelf

Open the top middle cupboard and take the brown box.

Go right to the bedroom.

Take the blue piece from the frame above the 2nd set of drawers on the left wall.
Open the middle drawer from this same set of drawers, take another brown box.
Open the middle drawer on the left, take the square pendant.
Zoom in on the pendant and take the red diamond.

Open the right bed-side drawer.
Take the red pendant.
Open the pendant and see the code 378 next to the square

Go right to the next bedroom

Open the bottom drawer of the left bedside table.
Take the heart pendant.
Open the heart pendant and take the silver key from inside.

Open the locked cupboard in the top right corner using the silver key.
Take the red heart-shaped box.
Open the heart and get a silver heart-key.

Take the blue piece from the laptop on the dressing table.

Go right to the kitchen.

Take the blue piece from the shelf, top right corner.
Take the red heart from the same shelf
Open the top left cupboard using the heart shape.
Take the coin and red spade shape.

Go all the way left to the sitting room
Open the drawer lower and left of the TV with the spade-shape.  Use the red spade to open it.
Take the coin and red club shape.

Go right then right again.
Open the club-drawer on the right using the red club shape.

Take the coin and red diamond shape.

Go right to the kitchen
Open the drawer with the diamond shape, using the red diamond shape.
Take the coin.

Zoom in on the drawer with the big circle (left side)
Insert the 4 blue pieces to open the drawer

Take the green card.
Zoom in on the green card.
Notice the red heart with number 152:

Go left.
Zoom in on the drawer under the bed with the 4 circles
Open the drawer using the 4 coins:

Take the piece of paper.

Zoom in on the paper
Notice the code 725 next to the red rectangle.

Zoom in on the brown box
Insert the red diamond (if you cannot, use the other box)
The box will open and you get a circle key:

Zoom on on the other box
Open the box with the square-key-code 378

Take the key with the rectangle.

Now we have the 3 keys and the 3 codes:
Rectangle = 725
Circle = 892
Heart = 152

Zoom in on the front door lock.
Change the codes.
Insert the 3 keys:

The door will open and you will escape from the club house.

Excellent!  Well done on yet another great escape.  Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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