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100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough - Levels 51 to 55

100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough. 100 Inferno Escape Solution.
Floors 51 to 55

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve each level of the point-and-click room escape game 100 Inferno.  Detailed explanations, tips, tricks, hints, and screen-prints provided.  If you are stuck, then this walkthrough will assist you to get through the level.

For the walkthrough for other floors of 100 Inferno Escape, follow this link.
From level 51 the levels start to get rather difficult!

100 Inferno Escape Level 51 Walkthrough

Floor 51 has a camera and a 6-digit grid.
Tap the grid.
You will now see the numbers 1 to 6 appearing.
You will need to remember the position of each number.  Now tap the correct blocks from 1 to 6.  If you make a mistake, you will have to start over... this time a new random order.
Unfortunately each time it is random, so I cannot post the solution.  If you struggle, then get 5 more persons to assist you... each person remember 1 number!
Floor 51 solved.

100 Inferno Escape Level 52 Walkthrough

Floor 52 has a silver door, 2 lights, and a yellow floor.
Tap the brown circle button on the right.  Look at the number at the top.
I got 1458 2367

These numbers give you the order of left or right you need to tap the lights.
This will be left, right, right, left, left, right, right, left.
But, you need to tap each of them a certain number of times... look at the lines on the door from top to bottom and notice there are 8 pairs.  E.g. the first pair has 3 lines, so you start with 3 taps on the left.

Here is the full solution:
left 3 times,
right 1 time, 
right 1 time, 
left 1 time, 
left 3 times, 
right 1 time, 
right 2 times, 
left 1 time

Floor 52 solved!

100 Inferno Escape Level 53 Walkthrough

Floor 53 is full of bright colored circles.
This was a very difficult floor!
You need to change each circle's background to match the wallpaper next to it.
Left from top to bottom: yellow, light blue, pink
Right from top to bottom: orange, dark green, purple
Middle is a bit tricky... Start with the roof and work your way to the floor:  light green, red, dark blue.

Floor 53 solved.

100 Inferno Escape Level 54 Walkthrough

Floor 54 is the billiards room.
Pick up the snooker stick.
Use the stick on the snooker table.  Now watch the order of the balls in the center.  Use the stick and hit the balls in the same order.
Luckily it seems that the same order is used every time:  8 2 4 5 6 7 1 3 1 8 7 2 4 3 5 6
Floor 54 solved!

100 Inferno Escape Level 55 Walkthrough

Floor 55 has 8 switches.
Look at the ceiling and notice some lights are on and some are off.  Flip the switches to show this correctly.
Top row: on (green is on) off off on
Bottom row: off off on on
Floor 55 solved!

That's it for now!
More coming soon... I hope!
Thank you for using my walkthrough.

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