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Classy Room Escape Walkthrough

Classy Room Escape walkthrough solution.  This is the step-by-step full walkthrough with detailed explanations to the puzzles.  Tips, tricks, and hints a plenty in this guide.  If you are stuck, then this is the right walkthrough to help you escape... alive!

About Classy Room Escape: This is the most amazing room you have ever been to but eventually you are bored staying here for more than an hour. When you try to leave the room you find yourself locked inside this room. Find a way to escape out of this room. Click on the objects to add them to the inventory panel. Combine the objects in the inventory panel. Use them to open the door. Good luck and have fun!
You can play this point-and-click room escape game here.  This is an easy escape game and should take you less than 20 minutes to solve.

Classy Room Escape Walkthrough Starts RIGHT HERE:
After the intro with a lot of reading... you will start in the lounge in front of the TV:

Pick up the white ball behind the sofa
Take the TV Remote and the wallet (under the pads) from the table
Take the nail polish remover  and the flower pot from the small table under the TV
Take the dirty chisel from the pot in the top left corner.

Open the wallet and take a golden coin.
Open the remote and remove the battery

Zoom in on the wall clock
Turn the clock around
Open the battery compartment
Insert the battery
Close the compartment

Notice the time is on 13:45 (well, not precise!)

Zoom in on the locked drawer below the TV and open with the code 1345:

Take the bowl.

Zoom in on the table with the fruit bowl behind the sofa
Move the fruit bowl to see a silver key
Use the nail polish remover (use it a few times) to remove the key.

Take the silver key.

Open the locked cupboard (top right corner) with the silver key

Take the ink.
Take the green ball from the yellow lamp.

Zoom in on the flower pot.
Remove the flowers.  Now you have a red pot without flowers.

Zoom in on the bowl
Add the red pot (this will add water to the bowl).  Hint: if does not want to add, make sure you removed the flowers!
Use the dirty chisel in the water to clean it

Zoom in on the white ball
Add the ink to make it black

Zoom in on the top left speaker
Use the coin to remove the cover

Take the orange ball.

Zoom in on the painting of the boy with the ball
Remove the painting
Use the clean chisel to remove the plate
Insert the green ball
Insert the black ball
Insert the orange ball

The cover will open:

Take the golden key.

Zoom in on the front door
Use the golden key to unlock the door.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you had fun using my walkthrough.

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