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Grow Island Walkthrough

Grow Island Walkthrough solution

- to help you solve the game "Grow Island".  You need to click the panels in the correct order to max out all the panels!  Play the game here.

In this game, you have the following panels:

Electrical Engineering:

Computer Science:

Civil Engineering:

Applied Chemistry:

Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering:


Environmental Engineering: 

Mechanical Engineering:

Tips & Hints:
Build Chemistry last.  The device will fall over if the chemicals are not ready.
You need a family.  The Civil Engineer will fall in love with the house inhabitant.
For architecture, as soon as you have a family you need the environmental engineering, otherwise the poo nappies will cause a disaster
The computer only needs 1 turn to max, so build it second from last.
For Aeronautics... you need turns to build: a boat, a car, a rocket

Here is the solution walkthrough:
Build Order -->
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Architecture
4. Aeronautics
5. Environmental Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Computer Science
8. Applied Chemistry

Well done on solving Grow Island!  Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.