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Must Escape the Island Walkthrough

Must Escape the Island Walkthrough Solution.  This is the full step-by-step walkthrough to the point-and-click room escape game Must Escape the Island.  Your boat got damaged from a bad storm, you managed to wash up on this island.  Now... You must escape the island!  If you are stuck on the island, then this guide will help you all the way to escape. Play the game here.

Must Escape the Island Walkthrough starts here:
You start the escape at the lone palm tree, next to your broken boat.

Go left to the monkey-in-the-tree:

Go left to X-marks-the-spot

Go up, closer to the volcano.

Move the 2 coconuts out of the way, then take the wooden board.

Go right.

Move the cover of the crate, then take the crowbar.

Go left.
Go left to the totem poles

Go left.

Use the crowbar to move the rock.
Take the wooden board.

Go right, right, down, right.

Use the crowbar to open the crate.

Take the axe.

Go right.

Use the axe to retrieve the middle wooden board of the jetty.

Look next to the boat... there might be a message in the bottle.  Take the map inside the bottle.
Take the bottle.   

Go left, left, up, right.

Use the axe to cut the vines on the left side tree.

Take the cloth.

Go left, up.

Attach the 3 wooden boards to make a bridge.

Cross the bridge.

Shake the tree, then take the bananas.
Move the rocks then take the shovel.

Go down, down, down.

Use the shovel to dig in front of the X.
Take the blue gem.

Go right.

Give the bananas to the monkey.
He will drop a gem.

Take the red gem.
Use the bottle in the fine sand to fill it.

Go left, up, left to the totem poles.
Use the bottle of sand on the center pole.

Go right.
Use the axe on the fallen tree to cut it.
Take the tree trunk.

Go up, up,up, into the cave.

Go right, then scoop some lava with the shovel.
Go to the totem poles and add the lava to the left pole.

Go right, up.
Use the bottle to get some water from the river.  (If you added new sand to the bottle, go back to the sand spot and empty the bottle there on the sand)
Go back to the totem poles and add the bottle of water to the right pole.

Take the green gem from the center pole.

Go right, up, up ,up into the cave.
Go left.
Put the 3 diamonds on it's colored rock:

Take the gold disk.

Go right.

Give the gold disk to the voodoo man.
Give the bottle to the voodoo man
He will return your bottle full of glue.

Go all the way down, then right to your boat.

Use the glue on the boat.
Use the pole in the boat to make a mask.  (hot-spot is around the center of the boat
Use the cloth to make a sail

Tap the boat...

Well done!  You escaped the island.
Must Escape the Island SOLVED!
Hope you had fun using my walkthrough.

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