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Fun House Escape Walkthrough

Fun House Escape Walkthrough solution - your step-by-step guide to solve this point and click room escape game.  Tips, tricks, help, and detailed explanations provided in this guide.  If you you are stuck, then read on!  Need more help? then use the comments section below.  These instructions with screen prints will help you escape the fun house... alive!

Fun House Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start your escape from the fun house lounge:

Take the strawberry from the fruit bowl.
Take the HKey and golden Key from the key rack above the TV.
Take the mask from the drawer under the TV.

Go right to the guest bedroom.

Take the lemon from the top shelve.
Open the left drawer and take a mask.
Open the right drawer and take a golden key.
Open the top right cupboard and take the wooden box.

Solve the puzzle above the bed.
It is quite easy... follow the instructions below the puzzle: alternate right, left... until it opens.

Take the fuse.

Go right to the clown bedroom.

Zoom in on the clowns above the bed.  Take 2 masks.
Take the mask above the mirror.
Take the apple from the fruit bowl on the floor.
Take a key from the top right drawer.

Zoom in on the puzzle drawer on the left.
Solve this easy puzzle.  Just rotate the 3 rings so that the pictures align with the center picture.

Take the fuse.

Go right to the kitchen

Take the papaya from the fruit bowl on top of the oven.
Take the orange from the fruit bowl next to the sink.
Take a key from the drawer right in the center.
Open the bottom right cupboard then take the mask.

Zoom in on the puzzle cupboard at the top right.
Insert the 5 fruits. (Hint: Each fruit has a specific slot)

Take the fuse.

Go left to the clown bedroom.
Zoom in on the puzzle closet door.
Insert the 6 masks. (Hint: each mask has a specific slot)

Take the fuse.

Zoom in on the wooden box in your inventory.
Open using the keys (hint: the order is important.  Start left and work your way right.  If a key does not work, try the next key)

Take the fuse.

Go left, left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the fuse box next to the door.
Insert the 5 fuses (hint: each fuse has a specific spot)

Zoom in on the front door
Use the key to unlock and escape!

Well done on a great escape.
hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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