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Darkness Episode 1 Escape

Darkness Episode 1 Escape walkthrough - your step-by-step guide to help you solve this point-and-click room escape game.  You can play the game here from arcadestreet.com.  If you are stuck, need help, need a hint, then this walkthrough is all you need.  Screen-prints and detailed explanations to all the puzzles included for free.

Darkness Episode 1 walkthrough starts right here:
You start in the bedroom...

Have a look around and waste some time.
Zoom in on the diary on the desk and use the password "skipintro" as being displayed in the text at the bottom.
You will get a message that "what happened? My mind is so foggy"
Now the real action starts.
Take the video tape form the desk lamp.
Take the torch light from the top drawer.  Take the rubber gloves from the top drawer.

Open the door and go to the hallway

Enter the toilet (click the bottom center part of the hallway)

Take the red towel.
Zoom in on the mirror and use the towel to clear the fog.
After the little scene, you will notice the soap dispenser fell to the floor.  Take the key on the shelf where the soap used to be.

Zoom in on the "examine the toilet bowl" by clicking the far right area.

Take the toilet paper.
Use the glove in the toilet to retrieve the golden key.
Flush the toilet.
Put the toilet paper in the toilet roll.  Now, notice the hand on the shower door!
Examine the hand print.
Now you can open the shower door.  Open it.

Noting to do here.... pull the hair in the drain... be ready to hit spacebar...
As you pull the hair, a ghost will come and you will panic.  You need to hit the space-bar repeatedly.  If you are too slow, it will be game over.  You will be back in the bedroom, luckily you can continue from there.
If you did it right, you can pick up the faucet knob.

Exit to the hallway
Enter your bedroom (door on the left)
Open the chest using the golden key.
From the chest, take a candle

Exit to the hallway
Unlock the master bedroom using the key (door on the right).
Enter the master bedroom.

Open the window curtains
Turn off the TV
Use the faucet knob on the cabinet under the TV.
Load the video tape into the VCR
Click "video 1" to play the video:

Zoom in on the silver ball under the bed... be ready for the next panic!
Click space-bar repeatedly...

If successful, you will get a key from under the bed.
Use the key to unlock the dresser
Take the matches form the dresser.
Use the matches to light the candle.

Exit to the hallway

Use the candle to go down the stairs

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough for Darkness Episode 1 Escape.

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