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Escape from Kindergarten Walkthrough

Escape from Kindergarten Walkthrough solution!  Full step by step guide to help you solve the game Escape form Kindergarten.  If you are stuck, need help, out of ideas?  Then this guide is what you need!  I provide screen prints and detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  I will help you escape! Alive!!

About Escape from Kindergarten game:  The 503rd escape game from 123bee.com. Hello there!!! Can you hear the weeping sound…? An innocent kid got trapped inside this Kindergarten. The kid got scared and crying continuously. She needs your help, show pity on the little kid. Help her to find the clues and coordinate with her logically to escape.  This escape game is medium-easy and will take you probably between 20 and 45 minute to crack.

Escape from Kindergarten solution walkthrough starts here:
Your game starts in the playroom of the kindergarten house:

Zoom in on the abacus on the floor.
Look at the order of the color from left to right:

 red, orange, yellow, purple, green.

Take the piano toy from the top of the stairs leading to the slide.
Zoom in on the piano and click the colors in the same order as the abacus.
If you do it right, the color will stay "down".  Tap red, orange, yellow, purple, green:

Take the light blue ball from inside.

Go right to the harbor room

Take a blue ball from the blue protector on the ship.
Take the black spider from the white table

Play the maze puzzle on the big ship.
Hint: Click the red ball the move your mouse slowly through the maze.  If you go too fast, then the ball will drop.  Click it again and continue your way to the center.
Once the ball reaches the center, you will see the hint:

Zoom in on the window lower down on the ship.
Insert the spider onto the spider symbol.
The window will open

Take the lamp.

Go right to the tree room

Zoom in on the hole in the tree
Use the lamp to see

Take the caterpillar toy

Take the pink ball from the floor, just left of the door.
Open the drawer under the wooden steps and take key 1.
Zoom in on the door and unlock using key 1.
Enter the PC room

Take the scissors from the table
Take the red present form the shelf

Open the present using the scissors
Take the 6-color-light toy from the box.

Zoom in on the caterpillar toy.
Insert the dark blue, red, and light blue balls
Take the 4 batteries.  Hint: If the batteries does not pop out, then you need to ensure you have completed the maze puzzle on the big ship.

Zoom in on the 6-color-light toy.
Turn it around and open the battery compartment
Insert the 4 batteries and close the compartment.
Now you will see lights coming on:

(If you missed the sequence, then close the toy and open it again)
The sequence is: Blue, yellow, red, orange, pink, green 

Zoom in on the 6-color puzzle on the far wall,
Click the 6 colors in the correct order as per the clue from the toy.  If you do it right, the light will stay on.

Take the lock.  Hint: If the lock does not appear, then you probably did not look at the lights on the 6-light-toy.

Exit the PC room and go all the way left to where you started.
Open the locked door using the silver lock.

You have escaped from the kindergarten!
Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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